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Ren Deshan Blue Coral Lecture Hall Brush Calligraphy Video Tutorial Lecture

Speaker: Teacher Ren Deshan

Format: mpg Capacity: 11.68G Definition: HD

Teacher Ren Deshan is a historian, calligrapher, painter, dictionary, and publisher. The speaker of the "Blue Coral Art Lecture Hall" on CCTV's calligraphy and painting channel, he was the assistant to the curator of art master Huang Zhou; the former president of Beijing Yanshan Publishing House, the former editor and chief publisher of the Central Compilation and Compilation Publishing House. Chinese name: Ren Deshan Gender: Male Nationality: Chinese Occupation: historian, calligrapher, painter, dictionary, publisher

Character experience

At the age of 6, I worshipped a generation of martial arts master, Wang Peisheng, who practiced traditional martial arts under his supervision, as the teacher and Mr. Yuan Xingpei  

At 13 years old, he studied landscape painting under the teacher of the famous traditional Chinese painting master Wang Jun  

From 9 to 14 years old, read the classics, history, genre, collection of basic classics, and learn Chinese characters. At the age of 14 years old, he studied the poetry of Chinese classical poetry from Professor Wang Li of Peking University  

15-year-old studied Western painting with printmaker Mr. Zhang Qinzu  

At the age of 19, he studied under Mr. Wu Chuanlin and received personal instruction from the master of Chinese painting, Mr. Li Kuchan.  

At the age of 40, he studied under Mr. Huang Zhou, who founded the Yanhuang Art Museum. He received a comprehensive education from Mr. Huang in art and was hired as an assistant by Mr. Huang.

Representative works

In 1990, he planned and participated in punctuation and collation of the "Thirteen Classics".

"Thirteen Classics Punctuation" won the first prize of Beijing Excellent Book.

In 1991, he published "Selected Poems and Famous Sentences in Four-Title Book" (published by People's Fine Arts Publishing House, Ren Deshan regular script part).  

In 2005, he presided over the compilation of "Xinhua Dictionary" and "Idioms Dictionary" (published by the Commercial Press International Co., Ltd.). Innovative dictionaries and full-function dictionaries.  

In 2009, he wrote "Chinese Calligraphy" and "Chinese Painting" (published by Higher Education Press).  

In 2009, the electronic publication of the teaching program of 63 episodes of "Chinese Calligraphy" on CCTV's calligraphy and painting channel was assessed as a national key project during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period.  

In 2012, he was the executive editor of the 8-volume "General History of China" (Published by Phoenix Press).  

In 2014, the editor-in-chief of "Kangxi Dictionary" (modern collated and illustrated edition, published by Kyushu Publishing House).

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