Why Do We Need To Use A Field Type Grid Stroke Order Copybook Generator?

Field type grid / meter type grid stroke order copybook generator, the best choice for primary scholl students to training Calligraphy. We have 9574 commonly used Chinese characters in total. This system can online generation of field type grid / meter type grid copybook by completely free. The field type grid copybook is the most concise practice case, which is used as the display way of the Chinese textbooks for the lower grades of primary schools. Primary school period, especially the lower grade stage, is the key period for learning Chinese character handwriting. Use this system to generate the copybook, so that the lower grade students can gradually write Chinese character in a standard way, develop the correct writing habitof Chinese character stroke, and lay a solid foundation for the future Chinese language learning and Chinese character writing.

--Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy Copybook Use Line Aa A Unit Of Typesetting, Each Line Of 12 Grid, 15 Line Per Page, You Can Enter Any Chinese Characters.
Standard regular copybook printing. The size, specification and structure of the Chinese character grid are completely consistent with the Chinese textbooks for elementary schools compiled by the Ministry of Education of China.
Auto Generate
Field type grid / meter type grid stroke order copybook generator, can automatically generate the Chinese character strokes you need.
High Definition
Carefully draw the full vector graphics of grid svg to ensure that any inkjet or laser printer outputs every pixel in high definition.
Notice: Pleace Read The Following Content Carefully.

1. In order to ensure the printing effect, we recommended to use Microsoft Edge or Chrome browser, the front is the regular type, and the print setting is checked to print the background picture.

2. You can use the PDF printer to print a PDF file if you want to generate copybook to file.

3. The mobile phone-end's effect is poor, we suggested to use the computer end to print.

Print Instructions

Chinese calligraphy copybook use A4 page full HD printout by default, WYSIWYG.

Print directly, check the print background picture option before printing so that you can print out the form! Read the following tutorial if you don't know how to operate.

Chinese calligraphy CopyBook Printed By Others