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Fine Seal Cutting Demonstration Lecture

Speaker: Wu Ping

【Wu Ping Seal Cutting Class】12 Lectures

This is a set of video tutorials that explain seal cutting most systematically at present. The following 4 famous artists explain and demonstrate:

  1. Wu Ping: Calligraphy, calligraphy and seal carver, former director of the Forbidden City's Calligraphy and Painting Department. Known as "Taiwan Master of Seal Engraving"

  2. Liao Deliang: a famous Indian and New Zealand sculptor.

  3. Ke Shi'an: Calligraphy and seal carver, the first place in the seal cutting of the National Art Exhibition!

  4. Du Sanxin: Master of Fine Arts from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, ranked first in the seal carving exhibition in the province!

  Detailed explanations and live demonstrations will bring you into the art world of seal cutting!

"Seal cutting" is an art of writing characters, using a knife to write stone, combining calligraphy, composition, and engraving techniques, to show a rich mood and interest in the process of making a seal.

Seal cutting seems to be a very specialized technique. Although many people love its unique and elegant style, most people who want to learn it are not allowed to learn it, and they don't know how to appreciate it. Seal cutting seems to be a very specialized skill. Although many people love its unique and elegant style, most of the young people who want to learn have nowhere to go and don't know how to appreciate it. Therefore, the special planning of Hesheng Art Site meets the needs of learners, and Mr. Wu Ping personally demonstrates and explains, I believe it will be able to meet the needs of the vast number of young students. For lovers who are interested in learning seal carving, engraving or calligraphy, we will provide a platform and opportunity for them to learn from masters in their busy lives.

1. 【Summary】(Up and Down)

"Seal cutting" refers specifically to artistic seals made by literati. Its expression level includes poetry, calligraphy, painting, sculpture, rubbing and many other aesthetic elements. It can be described as a comprehensive art that "harvest beauty from the crowd, and clusters flowers to make a show."

2. [Words] (upper and lower)

   Seal cutting is an art form with text as its basic content. Therefore, the creation of seals must be based on the study of text. In particular, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of why the seal script has become the main typeface for printing, and the character systems such as the big seal, the small seal, and the Miao seal that are mainly used in the seal.

3. [Chapter and Law] (Upper and Lower)

    Layout design is a process from conception to composition, and finalized by the printed manuscript. From a modern aesthetic point of view, the art of composition pays attention to the beauty of the combination of seals and frames, that is, the overall view produced by the layout and arrangement of the stipples within the seal.

 4. 【Swordsmanship】(upper and lower)

    The main reason why seal cutting is different from calligraphy and forming an independent art is that it is carved with a knife, which can show a unique and strong taste of the knife. Generally speaking, the knife method can be classified into two types: punching knife and cutting knife, and the others are the combination of punching and cutting knife.

Five. [Side section] (upper and lower)

    The creation of the side note of seal cutting is similar to the inscription of a painting and the engraving of calligraphy inscriptions, except that a knife is used instead of pen, stone is used instead of paper, and the size is reduced. After the engraving of the seal is completed, the creator can also borrow money to express his feelings and wishes.

6. 【Remaining Matters】(Top and Bottom)

  The stone seal conforms to the Chinese people's tradition of storing and sculpting stones. The size of the seal stone is only between square inches, which is easy to carry and play. When engraving, the hands keep close contact with the seal stone, which makes people feel the joy of making playthings with their own hands.

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