Huairen Ji Wang Xizhi's "Holy Teaching Preface" begins with "Ji Zi" HD is more convenient

   The stele of Huairen Collection Wang Xizhi's "Preface to the Holy Teaching" is also called "The Preface to the Holy Teaching of the Seven Buddhas" because seven Buddha statues are engraved on the top of the tablet. In the third year of Xianheng (672), it was built in Chang'an Hongfu Temple in the capital. "Preface to the Holy Teachings of Tripitaka" was written by Tang Taizong in recognition of Master Xuanzang who went to various countries in the Western Regions to obtain Buddhist scriptures, and translated the important books of Tripitaka after returning home. Prince Li Zhi (Gaozong) also wrote as a note, Zhuge's divine power sculpted the stone, and Zhu Jingzang engraved it. The stele is 9.4 feet high and 4.2 feet wide. A total of 30 lines, ranging from more than 80 characters. Now the forest of steles in Xi'an, Shaanxi.

  In the category of "Jiwang", the "Sacred Religion Preface" is the first to be promoted. The inscription on the stele was formed by Huairen borrowing the authentic works of Wang Xizhi from the collection of the Neifu, which lasted 25 years, so it is valued by the world. The inscriptions are selected from Wang Xizhi's posts, such as Zhi, Qu, or, Qun, Ran, Lin, Huai, Jiang, Feng, Lang, Shi, Chong, You, Tuo, Wei, Lan, Shi, Ji and other words are all taken from " Lanting Preface". Due to Huairen's deep attainments and rigorous attitude towards calligraphy, the stele's stippling is imposing, ups and downs, and delicate, which fully embodies the characteristics and charm of Wang Shu, achieving a natural position, orderly rules, peace and simplicity. realm. Of course, this method of collecting characters also has considerable limitations. For example, the repeated characters are less varied, and the characters combined with radicals lack echoes. There are more and more masterpieces, such as the "Xingfu Temple Monument" collected by Seng Daya, and the "Newly Translated Diamond Sutra" collected by Xuanxuan of Tang Dynasty.

The origin of "Holy Order":

  Master Xuanzang, a monk in the Tang Dynasty, went west to learn Buddhist scriptures. He went through untold hardships and risked his life before he arrived in India. When he returned to Chang'an after studying Buddhist scriptures, the whole country was shocked. Taizong was very moved by Xuanzang's great spirit of studying Buddhist scriptures through hard work, and called it "a grand event to win the dynasty". He also highly praised his achievements in Buddhism. On February 6, he was ordered to specialize in translating Buddhist scriptures in Hongfu Temple in Chang'an. He also gave a preface to the translation of "Yogi's Discourse", which is the origin of "Holy Teaching Preface".

  After the "Shengjiao Preface" was written, in order to hang on to future generations and make it known to the world, it was planned to be engraved on the stele and passed on. Because Emperor Taizong loved Xizhi's calligraphy deeply, everyone thought that this inscription was not worthy of the calligraphy of Wang Xizhi, the sage of calligraphy. However, Xizhi was from the Jin Dynasty, and he could not write it again, so he asked Huairen, a monk of Hongfu Temple, to be responsible for the collection of characters and spelling. Shi Huairen was originally a monk who was good at Wang Xizhi's calligraphy. It is said that he is also a descendant of Wang Xizhi. In order to facilitate Huairen's handwriting work, Emperor Taizong specifically allowed a large number of Wang Xizhi's handwriting collected in the palace to be provided to Gou Miji Ji. 

   Huairen, a calligrapher and monk in the Tang Dynasty, lived in Hongfu Temple in Chang'an (now Xi'an, Shaanxi). He once collected and copied Wang Xizhi's running script into "The Preface to the Holy Teachings of the Tripitaka of the Tang Dynasty", which is unique among the inscriptions. Zhouyue of the Northern Song Dynasty's "Ancient and Modern Books of Law" contains: "The Preface to the Holy Teaching made by Emperor Wen, when the capital's various Buddhist committees Hongfu Temple Huairen collected the right army's running script and Leshi, it has been produced for many years, and the original works of Yishao are salty. "The recent Kang Youwei's "Guangyizhou Shuangji" said: "The Youjun Book collected by Huairen in the "Sacred Teaching Preface" has a natural position and a well-organized order. It can be called a genius."

   The full text of "Shengjiao Preface" has a total of 1,904 characters, including the preface of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, a note of Emperor Gaozong Li Zhi, and a scripture translated by Xuanzang himself. Twenty-four years of collection, patchwork, and painstaking efforts have finally become this monument. It can be seen that "Shengjiao Preface" is the culmination of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy. This stele widely adopts the advantages of Wang's calligraphy, pays great attention to changes and connections, and the engraving is also quite precise. Therefore, it can be said that the "Holy Tie" is selected and synthesized from Wang's calligraphy, which is enough to represent the essence of Wang's calligraphy. Can be called the best example.

   Jiang Heng of the Qing Dynasty said in the "Inscription and Postscript of Zhuocuntang": "Sramana Huairen is the grandson of the right army, and he obtained his family law, so the "Jizi Shengjiao Preface" is swayed in one go, and he is full of energy. It is the ancestor of ancient calligraphy". After the "Jizi Shengjiao Preface" came out, calligraphers of all dynasties since the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties spoke highly of this work, calling it "a model for a hundred generations. Imitating Xizhi's books must start with Huairen." Indeed, this A stele inscription fully shows the exquisite elegance and agility of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy art. The merits of this stele are immeasurable, and it is still a rare and precious inscription for us to learn calligraphy.

   "Huiren Collection Wang Shengjiao Preface" is the embodiment of Tang people's respect for Wang Xizhi's calligraphy, and it is also the most successful and influential one among the many collections of Wang Xizhi's calligraphy steles.

Its main features are:

(1) There are many words. There are more than 1,900 characters in the whole stele. The characters are elegant and elegant, and the styles complement each other. There is a lot of room for learning and copying.

(2) There are many fonts. The whole stele combines Wang Xizhi's regular script, running script and cursive script, boldly matching, combining and integrating, combining movement and stillness, and freely swaying, which has an important enlightenment effect on later generations of calligraphy, especially contemporary calligraphy.

(3) There are many changes. One is that the brushwork is very rich, including regular script, running, cursive, official script, and seal script; the other is that the knotted characters are novel and vivid, unusual in the ordinary, with a degree of opening and closing, and the right and left are dependent on each other, which is flexible and colorful; Repeated characters and radicals all reflect changes and renovations. In the history of calligraphy, it can be said that "Jizi" started from Huairen.

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Explanation of "The Preface to the Holy Teachings of the Tripitaka of the Tang Dynasty":

    Emperor Taizongwen

    Hongfu Temple Salman Huairen Collection.

    Jin You General Wang Xizhi's book.

    Gai Wen Eryi has a similarity. It is obvious that it is repeated to contain life. The four seasons are invisible. Submerge cold and heat to transform things. It is to see the sky and learn from the earth. All fools know it. Ming Yin Dong Yang. Sages are rare. However. Heaven and earth are budding yin and yang, and they are easy to know. Because of its image. Yin and Yang are in the sky and the earth. And the poor. Because of its intangibility. Therefore, the image is obvious but subtle. Although not stupid. There is no such thing as a shape. In wise men. The situation is about Buddhism and Taoism. Chongxu, take advantage of seclusion, control silence. Hongji Wanpin. Dian Yu Shifang. Give the mighty and supreme. Suppress the divine power without any loss. The big one is bigger than the universe. The fine ones are taken in the millimeter. There is no death and no birth. It has gone through thousands of calamities and is not ancient. Looming. Yun Baifu and long today. Miaodao Ningxuan. Follow it without knowing it. Fa Liu Zhan Ji. It is impossible to know the source of it. Therefore, I know that I am stupid and stupid. Mere mediocrity. For its purpose. Can no doubt or Yan. Then the prosperity of great teaching. Based on the West. Teng Hanting and bright dreams. According to the east city, flow kindness. the past. The time of fractal and trace. Words come into being. When the world is always present. People look up to virtue and know emptiness. And the dark shadow returns to the truth. Move the instrument beyond the world. Jin Rong hides his color. Do not mirror the light of three thousand. Li Xiang opened the picture. The four or eight phases of the empty end. So micro-words were widely heard. Rescue contains the category of three ways. The legacy is announced. Daoqun was born in ten places. However, the truth is hard to believe. Mo Neng has one purpose, and the music is easy to follow. Ye is right there. Points are so empty. Or custom instead. multiplied by size. At first, it is harmonious and sometimes it is long. There is Master Xuanzang. The leader of the Famen. Youhuai Zhenmin. Early realization of the heart of the three empty. Chang Qi's expression. The journey of budding and forbearance. Songfengshuiyue. It is not better than Tsinghua University. Fairy dew pearl. Ju Neng Fang Qi Lang Run. Therefore, there is no tiredness through wisdom. Unpredictable. Beyond the six dusts and far away, there is nothing right but eternal. Concentrate on your inner environment. It is sad that the mausoleum of Dharma is late. Habitat Xuanmen. The fallacies of generous and profound texts. Thinking about dividing. Express the truth and widen the previous news. Cut the false and save the truth. Katz's post-school. It is the pure land of the heart. French tour of the Western Regions. Take advantage of danger and go far. Rod (?) policy alone card. Snow flies in the morning. Rumors lost ground. The sand rises in the evening. Lost in space. Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers. Pull the clouds and enter the shadows. Hundreds of cold and heat. Follow the frost and rain. Sincerely pay more attention to work than to ask for it. Shen Hongda Zhou. You Xiyu has been around for seventeen years. Poor calendar Daobang. Ask for Orthodoxy. Two forests and eight waters. Taste style. Deer Wanjiu Peak. Looking up to the strange. Inherited to the first sage. Receive the true teaching from the sages. Explore the wonderful door. Absolutely poor. One multiplies the way of five Tianjin. Gallop in the heart. Eight Tibetans and three suitcases of writing. The waves are in the sea of ​​mouth. From the country I have experienced. The main texts of Sanzang will always be generalized. There are six hundred and fifty-seven parts. Translate cloth Zhongxia. Promote victory. Introduce Ciyun to the West Pole. Inject the rain in the east. The Holy Religion is lacking but compounding. The common people sin but pay back the blessing. The dry flame of the wet fire house. Get lost together. The faint wave of Lang Yuan water. With the other side. Yes know. Karma falls due to evil. Goodness rises by fate. This is the end of the fall. Only people trust. Bi Weigui gave birth to kaolin. The cloud and dew are the only way to get the flowers. The lotus comes out of Lubo. Flying dust cannot pollute its leaves. Non-lotus self-cleaning. And the quality of osmanthus is true. Those who are attached to good fields are high. Then the tiny things cannot be tired. Those who rely on are pure. Then the turbid ones cannot be touched. The husband is ignorant of flowers and trees. Good capital makes good. The situation. Knowledgeable about human relations. Seek celebration instead of fate. Fang Yi hereby passes through the flow. Make the sun and the moon endless. Sifu Yafu and Qiankun will live forever. I thank Guizhang. I am ashamed of Boda. As for the code. Especially not busy. The preface was made yesterday. Painted as humble. I'm afraid that the pen and ink will be dirty on the golden slips. Mark rubble in the forest. Suddenly got a book. Absurd praise. Follow the bow and think about it. Mi Gai is cheeky. The good is not enough, thank you for your efforts. The emperor recited the Tripitaka in the Spring Palace. holy book.

    The husband shows the orthodox religion, and there is no way to expand his writing without wisdom. Chong explained micro-words. No one who is not a virtuous person can determine its purpose. Gaizhen is like a saint. Xuanzong of all laws. The noir (foot) of all the scriptures is also. Comprehensively include Hongyuan. The purpose is profound. Extreme space has its subtleties. The secret of reducing body health. Ci Mao Dao Kuang. Those who seek it do not investigate its source. The text is clear and meaningful. Those who walk on it are unpredictable. Therefore, I know that the Holy Mercy was received. The industry is not good but not perfect. Miao Hua applied. There is no evil and no evil. Open the outline of the law. The Orthodoxy of Hong Six Degrees. The rescue group is in utter misery. The secret of Kai Sanzang is so. Flying without wings. The Tao is rootless and eternal. Dao Mingliuqing. The calendar is ancient and the town is constant. Go to induction body. Immortal through dust. Morning bell and evening Vatican. The second tone is at Jiufeng. Huiri Dharma flow. Turn the double wheel on Lu Wan. Empty the lid. Fly together with Xiangyun. Zhuangye Chunlin. Join the lottery with the smallpox.

    His Majesty the Emperor Fu Wei. Shangxuan Zifu. Hanging down to rule the eight wastes. Germany was Qianli. Concentrate on the world. Enga dead bone. The stone chamber belongs to the text of Bayeux. Zeqi insects. The verse of the Golden Chamber Liufan. So he sent Ah (he humiliation) to reach the water. The eight rivers of the gods. Qijabori Mountain. Connect to the Cui Ling of Songhua. Stealing virtue and silence. Moose can't get back to his heart. Wisdom and mystery. The feeling is sincere and obvious. How can it be called the night of heavy dusk. Candle light. The dynasty of the house of fire. The Ze of Rain. So all rivers diverge. Together in the sea. Ten thousand distinctions. It's almost true. How can I compare its advantages and disadvantages with Tang Wu. Yao and Shun are more holy than their virtues. Master Xuanzang. Su Huai Cong Ling. Determined to simplify. The year of Qingqing. The world of flashy body. Concentrate on the room. Hidden rock. Habitat three Zen. Touring ten places, surpassing the realm of the six dusts. Kavi alone. Will take advantage of the purpose. randomizer. Take the quality of China. Find the real text of India. Far across the Ganges. Deadline full word. Climb the snow ridge frequently. I got more half beads. Ask the law to return. Ten to seven years. Prepare the interpretation code. Benefits are the heart. It was consecrated on September 6th in the nineteenth year of Zhenguan.

    Edicted to Hongfu Temple. Translate the sacred texts of six hundred and fifty-seven volumes. Lead the flow of the sea. Wash the dust tirelessly. The long flame of the wisdom lamp. Bright and dark but ever bright. Since it is not a long-term value. Why show off the purpose. The so-called permanent residence of the Dharma. Qi Sanguang's light.

    I am Huang Fuzhen. The same as the solidity of the second instrument. Fushimi Imperial System. The preface of the classics. According to ancient Teng today. Reason contains the sound of gold and stone. The text embraces the prosperity of the situation. Governance is based on light dust. Falling dew adds flow. Briefly outline. Thought it was recorded.

    There is no talent in governance. Sexually unintelligent. All the texts in the canon. I haven't watched it yet. The preface made. Despicable and especially fanciful. Suddenly see a book. Praise praise. Bow introspection. Ashamed to merge. Master Lao and so on. Deeply ashamed.

    Inner Palace on August 3rd in the 22nd year of Zhenguan.

    Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra

    Translated by the recluse Xuanzang

    Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Go deep Prajna Paramita for a long time. Seeing that the five aggregates are all empty. Overcome all hardships. relic. Color is empty. Empty is not different. Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. The same is true for thinking and doing. relic. It is the empty phase of all dharmas. Immortal. No dirt, no net, no increase, no decrease. It is because of the air. colorless. Know nothing. No eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. Colorless sound fragrance touch method. No vision. even the unconscious. No ignorance. There is also no end to ignorance. Even without old age and death. There is no old age and death. There is no suffering. No wisdom and no gain. For nothing. Bodhi is here. According to Prajna Paramita. Heartless. There is no reason. No horror. Stay away from upside-down dreams. Ultimate Nirvana. Buddhas of the Three Times. According to Prajna Paramita. Get Anuttara, Sanliu, and Bodhi. I know that Prajna Paramita is more. It is a great curse. It is the great Ming mantra, the supreme mantra. It is a mantra without waiting. Able to eliminate all pain. It's true. To say the Prajna Paramita mantra is to say the mantra:

    Jiedi Jiedi, Prajna Jiedi, Praluo Monk Jiedi, Bodhi Monk Shaha

    Prajna Heart Sutra

    Prince Taifu Shangshu Zuo servant shoots Yan Guogong Yu Zhining

    Zhongshu ordered the founding man of Nanyang County to come to Ji

    Xu Jingzong, the founding man of Gaoyang County, Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites

    Xue Yuanchao, the servant of the Yellow Gate and the son of the left concubine

    Li Yifu, the assistant minister of Shouzhong Shu and the right concubine, etc.

    imperial polish

    On December 8th of the third year of Xianheng, the capital was established.

    Wen Linlang Zhuge Shenli Le Stone

    Wu Qiwei Zhu Jingzang engraved characters