As the saying goes, "Words are like people", which shows how important it is to write good-looking characters.

However, with the proliferation of computers and smart phones, most people have fallen into the dilemma of "typing like a shuttle, writing like a dog crawling"

For adults, good handwriting is another business card for us. When we first enter the workplace, it will not only leave a good impression on people, but also help us seize the opportunity in the fierce social competition. From another perspective, it can also improve our aesthetic taste and increase the joy of life.

Beautiful and good-looking handwriting cannot be achieved overnight. You must grasp the writing attitude from an early age and develop a good habit of serious writing.

For children, the handwriting is beautiful, and it can also give extra points to the exam. According to reports, at least 4 points in the current Chinese exam are written on the paper. Neat writing, correct fonts, specifications, and neat rolls are the most basic requirements.

Moreover, writing good characters can cultivate students' good habits of serious reading, and it is easy to get praise from teachers.

I started to practice calligraphy in the second semester of the first grade of elementary school.15 word practice networkDiscovery: At this stage of practice, children don’t have much homework, so it’s better to imitatecopybook, write one stroke and one stroke, and you will naturally practice good calligraphy over time. The following is for everyone to practice calligraphy better. 15 practice calligraphy network provides freeWord practice template, parents can download and print for free.





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