Today I will tell you about the standard format for writing numbers and Chinese characters in the Tian character grid. Let your children learn it quickly!

Although Tianzi grid looks like just four small grids, in fact, each grid has its own name. Each line, each grid, and each position in the grid has its own different name. Memorizing the Tian character pattern and the names of each part are important prerequisites for beginners to write.

After getting to know the "Tian Zi Ge", it is important to appreciate the Chinese characters in the Tian Zi Ge and let the children feel that each character has its place and cannot be placed randomly. Only by gradually standardizing the writing of Chinese characters in Tianzi grid can we lay a solid foundation for future Chinese learning.

Tianzige children's songs

Tianzi grid, square,

It will help you write Chinese characters.

Upper left grid, upper right grid,

Lower left grid, lower right grid,

Horizontal center line, vertical center line,

Keep every direction in mind.

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