500 ways to write the character longevity in seal script

   To celebrate the birthday of an elderly person, people often give a piece of calligraphy as a gift, usually with the word "shou" written in various fonts on big red paper, to show happiness and good fortune. Some descendants also asked someone to carve the word "longevity" into a plaque and solemnly present it to the birthday star in the longevity hall. The old man smiled with joy and the whole family was happy. I have also seen the "Hundred Years of Life" in seal script engraved on a wooden board and hung in the hall, which looked very elegant and grand. Now, I saw the following 500 ways of writing the Chinese character "Shou" in seal script. The writing was very neat and beautiful, and the post-production was exquisite. Then I suddenly had an idea: if I first use familiar fonts such as cursive script, official script, and running script to write a big Chinese character "Shou" , surrounded by these 500 seal characters, carved into bas-reliefs on high-quality wooden boards, and paired with exquisite picture frames. It is definitely a rare high-end gift and handicraft that everyone will love! If you don’t believe it, try it! This is the real purpose of my reposting! We would like to sincerely thank the original author for providing us with this set of masterpieces.

                         ——Wu Feng (Yifeng)

 Original address: 500 ways to write the character "Shou" in seal script Author: Young Master Yi Longcai