Calligrapher of Tang Dynasty. A native of Jiyang (now part of Shandong). When he was promoted to Zhou Cao, he joined the army. Active between Kaiyuan and Tianbao (713-755). He is good at official calligraphy, strict and affectionate. Dou Meng's "Shu Shu Fu·Annotation" said: "There are eight points of good neighbors, which are clumsy and weak at first, and then become exquisite among heavenly treasures." Ouyang Xiu of the Northern Song Dynasty's "Six One Inscriptions and Postscripts" said: "There were four famous eight points in the Tang Dynasty. Han Zemu, Cai Youlin, Li Chao, and Shi Weize are also the same. Many Han and Shi families have been passed down to the world; only Li Chao survives; books by Youlin are also quite rare, and the small characters are especially good." Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said that The taste of his calligraphy is not ancient, but there is affection in the strictness.

His representative works include "Yuchijiong Temple Stele" and "Lushena Buddha Image Record".