Chen Jieqi (1813-1884) Qing Dynasty epigrapher. The word Shouqing, the name of Yanzhai, the evening name of Haibin Medical History, Qi Dongtao's father. Born in Weixian, Shandong (now Weifang, Shandong). Jinshi in the twenty-five years of Daoguang (1845), official to the Hanlin Academy for editing. He is fond of collecting cultural relics, including bronze ware, seals, stone carvings, pottery bricks, statues, etc. He is good at appreciating, especially the ink painting technique. His hand-painted bronzes, pottery, seals, stone carvings and other rubbings are well-known. Its collection includes a large number of important cultural relics. A large number of ancient seals, such as the bronze mirrors of the Han dynasty years and the Huaiyang jade seal, are all fine pieces of similar cultural relics. He has been proficient in the textual research of inscriptions on inscriptions and artifacts all his life. His "Examination and Explanation of Inscriptions on Inscriptions on Jin Zhai (《簠斋金石文考释》)" has conducted intensive textual research and interpretation on the more important bronze wares. In the book "Chen Yanzhai Writes Tobu Liu Family's Recognition (《陈簠斋写东武刘氏款识》)", he pointed out that only 9 characters in the Suiqi Ding Ding inscription are the original tripod inscriptions, and the rest are forged by later generations, all of which are conclusive. He is the author of "An Ancient Biography of Ruan Zhai (《簠斋传古别录》)", specifically introducing rubbing techniques. He has written abundantly in his life, mainly including "Ancient Mu in the Rai Zhai Collection (《簠斋藏古目》)", "An Inscription and An Inscription of the Ancient Books of the Rai Zhai Collection (《簠斋藏古册目并题记》)", "The Complete Book of the Mirror in the Rai Zhai Collection (《簠斋藏镜全目钞本》)", "The Golden Record of the Rai Zhai Jijin (《簠斋吉金录》)", and "Ten Bell Mountain House Printing (《十钟山房印举》)", "Ancient Jade Seals from the Zhaizhai Collection (《簠斋藏古玉印谱》)", "A Brief Study of Sealing Mud (《封泥考略》)" (compiled with Wu Shifen), etc.


Chen Jieqi Seven-character Couplets in Seal Script

Interpretation: 书味养心存赤气,墨华传古附青云