Duan Tianyou (date of birth and death unknown), courtesy name Jifu, was born in Bianliang (now Kaifeng, Henan). In the first year of Taiding in the Yuan Dynasty (1324), he became a Jinshi and was awarded the title of Prime Minister of Jinghai County. Later, he was promoted to an assistant professor of the Imperial Academy, moved to the Imperial Academy to serve as a minister, and then paid homage to Jiangsu and Zhejiang Confucian scholars. Good at calligraphy.



"An He Tie" (click to enlarge) written by Duan Tianyou. Paper, album, length 27.3cm, width 54.5cm. Running script, 21 lines, 203 words in total. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

  This post bears the seals of appraisals by Xiang Yuanbian, An Qi, He Zizhang, Tan Jing, Wanyan Jingxian, Zhao Shuyan and others. Recorded in "Mo Yuan Hui Guan" and "San Yu Tang Calligraphy and Painting Catalog". This is a letter written by Duan Tianyou to his good friend Qishan. It talks about his many medical conditions, returning books to Qishan and others, requesting paintings from his master Kui for Qishan, asking Qishan to find wood for him, etc. The letter involves Qishan, Zhang Zizhao, Shi Kui and others. This post is based on Mi Fu's calligraphy style, and has the unique delicacy and peace of the Yuan people.
Tianyou immediately sent a letter to the deacon of the good and virtuous friends: Xiao Lin returned and received the letter. I wish you peace and harmony. The disease has returned to Hangzhou twice more. After the first ten days of February, the symptoms of malaria and colds returned, and the cold and heat were at war, making me miserable. This is not what the proverb calls a horizontal race. Books allow for grace, I feel very grateful. Zhang Zizhao came to Hangzhou recently. After he was released, Chen Sifu found the fake book in his bookstore. He also personally told him that he should accept it as well as those who are kind. Shi Kui did not dare to forget his paintings. He had already asked his people to do good deeds in the past and ask for them as soon as they arrived. The pottery is enshrined in an altar with an inscription on the mud head. If you want to make small utensils from fragrant nanmu, you can't use it if you cut it into pure white pieces. It's more troublesome to look for it. For example, if the color is agarwood, the price will be more expensive than the previous buyer. Because Ji Ziliang of the official kiln was doing something good, I offered this hastily under the lamp. Pray for kindness and love in the cold spring. Does not have. God bless him and bow again.