Jin Cong (1449-1501) was born in the Ming Dynasty, with the courtesy name Yuanyu and his nickname Chisong Shannong. He was a native of Jinling (now Nanjing). He was young and intelligent, good at chanting, calligraphy and painting, and could write a lot of books at the age of twelve or three. He first learned from Zhao Mengfu and later from Zhang Yu. He is an expert in painting plum blossoms, and he is also an expert in forging Zhao Mengfu's paintings and calligraphy. When he wrote Zhao's works, he often included the title and title, and then honestly added his own name and title at the end of the piece. Because Jin Cong's calligraphy is very similar to Zhao's calligraphy, many of Jin Cong's calligraphy, even if they were not intentionally forged, were dug up by later generations and added the three characters "Zhao Mengfu" to deceive the world.

  Jin Cong's calligraphy tends to be thick and heavy, with a calm style. At that time, Wen Zhengming admired his calligraphy very much. It is said that Wen Zhengming occasionally got a piece of paper from him and had to frame it into a roll, and inscribed the word "Ji Yu" on the roll to show his cherishment.