Rao Jie (?-1367), named Jie Zhi, also known as Huagai Shanqiao, also known as Zui Weng, was from Linchuan (in Jiangxi Province). At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, he was promoted to the Xianqian of Zhejiang Province from the Hanlin Academy, and was promoted to Huainan Province to participate in politics. Zhang Shicheng took possession of Wu, admired his reputation and invited him to do so, and still retained his official position. Wu died and was captured and executed in Jinling. Rao Jie was a famous literati and calligrapher in the late Yuan Dynasty, with high popularity and influence. His friend Shi Daoyan commented on him: "Jie Zhi is a person who is suave and bold, and he is friends with all the handsome people. His writing is like Huai Su, his poetry is like Li Bai's, his arrogance is radiant, and his eyes are compelling."

Lanting tie
"Lanting Tie", Yuan Dynasty, Rao Jie's book, paper, album, length 21.7cm, width 21.9cm, running script, 7 lines, 42 characters. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing
The preface to Lanting and the round jade seal were borrowed, and I was fortunate to receive them. Don't worry about Qin Zhen, it will definitely hit your ears. However, if you want to combine swords with Yanping. Unconsciously chattering. Talk about nothing. Only rural marriages are allowed. Kindly send.
The post is stamped with the seal "Youguxuan".
This post is a letter from Rao Jie, and the content is to borrow "Lanting Preface" and other items from Weiyun. "Wei Yun" is Chen Ruyan, who once served as Zhang Shicheng's adviser to the vassal government. Rao Jie and he were from the same place and were both employed by Zhang's regime, so they should have very close contacts. Although this post is short in length, it is quite large overall, showing Rao Jiejin's elegant and unrestrained writing style.
It is recorded in Volume 10 of the first volume of "Shiqu Baoji" and "The Rules and Papers of Famous Yuan Masters".