You Miao (1127-1194), whose courtesy name was Yanzhi and whose nickname was Suichu, was from Wuxi (now part of Jiangsu). Gaozong became a Jinshi in the eighteenth year of Shaoxing (1148) ("Small Records of the Same Year in the Eighteenth Year of Shaoxing"). In the 31st year, he learned about Taixing County (Volume 240 of "Three Dynasties Beimenghui"). During the Longxing period of Emperor Xiaozong's reign, he became a professor of Jiangyin Army, which lasted seven years. In the fifth year of Qiandao's reign (1169), except for generals, he was appointed as the supervisor. In the seventh year, he moved to the Secretary-General and the Shilu Academy for review (Volume 7 of "Southern Song Dynasty Pavilion Continued Records"). In the second year of Chunxi (1175), he came to know Taizhou (Jiading Chicheng Chronicles, Volume 9). In the fifth year, he was promoted to Huainan East Road Changping (Chengzhai Collection, Volume 78, Preface to the Bibliography of Yizhai Collection). Change to Jiangnan East Road. In the eighth year, he served as the transfer judge of Jiangnan West Road ("Song Huiyao Collection" Ruiyi 2-25), the transfer envoy and the governor of Longxing Prefecture. In the tenth year, he was called a member of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and a minister to the prince. In the fourteenth year, he was moved to the prince Zuo Yude, except Taichang Shaoqing ("Inscription of the Bureaucrats of the Eastern Palace in Zhongxing of the Song Dynasty"). Let’s stop talking about Jiang Teli. In the first year of Shaoxi reign of Guangzong (1190), he became aware of Wuzhou and changed it to Taipingzhou. He was called to Shizhong and served as a lecturer. In the fourth year, he served as the minister of the Ministry of Rites and as an attendant (Zheng Zhai Ji, Volume 12, "Zhengyi Yi Miao Shou Zhongzhong and as an attendant, You Kuan"). He died in the fifth year at the age of sixty-eight. Posthumous Wenjian.

  Good at composing poetry, he is one of the "Four Great Poets of Zhongxing". There are 60 volumes of "Suichu Xiaoyao" (50 volumes of "Liangxi Collection", Volume 18 of "Zhizhai Shulu Jiji"), etc., which have been lost. During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, You Dong collected and compiled the posthumous works and published two volumes of "Liang Xi Posthumous Manuscripts"; during the Republic of China, You Tong continued to publish "Supplement to Liang Xi Posthumous Poems and Notes". The matter can be found in the "Family Genealogy" in the first volume of "Liang Xi's Posthumous Manuscripts" and the biography in Volume 389 of "History of the Song Dynasty".


You Miao, postscript of Ouyang Xiu's "Collection of Ancient Records", collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  Explanation: This volume is inscribed by Mi Xiangyang. Play with Yukoba. Yang Tong's stele and postscript. Sigh the loss of his name. Gai Gong even did not take the exam. Guichou died in March of the first year of Jianning (168). And the postscript is May. Due to a clerical error. The 23rd day of winter in the fifteenth year of Chunxi (1188). Xishan is particularly vast.