Zhao Lingju (1051-1134) was a poet at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Southern Song Dynasty. He was originally named Jingkuang, changed his name to Delin, and called himself Liao Fu Weng. The second son of Taizu was the great-great-grandson of King Dezhao of Yan. Yuanyou won the signature and wrote Yingzhou official affairs. At that time, Su Shi was the magistrate of the state and recommended his talents to the court. Later, he was granted membership in Yuanyou Party and was deposed for ten years. At the beginning of Shaoxing, he attacked and granted the title of Prince of Anding County and moved to Ningyuan Army to serve as the propaganda envoy. He died in the fourth year and was given as a gift to the third division of Kaifu Yitong. He is the author of eight volumes of "Hou Xiaolu" and one volume of "Liao Fu Ji" compiled by Zhao Wanli.


Zhao Lingji's "Postscript of Huaisu's Autobiography" in running script, paper, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Make the border summer and
Liu Yanzhong, Lu Bian, Lao Guo
Dutong Taiwei Wang Gong, observing the Dharma calligraphy
Famous paintings, such as the reflection on the vagina while hiking
To the human eye, it is almost indescribable. Then I knew
Apart from war and fire, no matter how valuable the treasure is, don’t
This is true. Because of seeing
The old debater said he was tired after a while
The dust in my chest is a blessing
Can. May 12, the second year of Shaoxing
On that day, Zhao Ling asked Delin for the title.



"Tea Gifting Note" by Zhao Lingju, ruler and running script, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  "Tea Gifting Note" is a piece of paper addressed to Zhongyi Bing Cao, with nine lines and fifty-seven characters. Judging from the structure of his writing style, it is plain yet spiritual, and has quite the charm of Dongpo. His diction is concise and his writing is elegant.
  Ling Jie paused: Humiliating Huihan, Fucheng Jiuyu lived a good life. The pear and chestnut are paid for, and the lotus is ashamed. I offer tea as a gift, and share a piece of cake as an offering to the hall. Yu Ji loves himself now. Not announced. Ling Jie Dun first, Zhongyi soldiers Cao Xuanjiao. August 27th.