"Huifu Temple Stele", inscribed in the 12th year of Taihe in the Northern Wei Dynasty (488), regular script, 24 lines, 44 characters per line, 294 cm high, 90 cm wide, with a piercing under the forehead, and a girdle shape at the lower part, and the inscription on the back of the stele is The surnames of many ethnic minorities are important materials for studying ethnic history. This is one of the famous monuments in China. Originally extant in Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province, the stele was originally located in Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province. The local people prohibited the development of it, so there are very few authentic copies. It is now in the Forest of Steles in Xi'an.

The forehead of the seal is "Stele of Gonghuifu Temple of Dadai Dangchang". This stele is an early work of the Northern Wei Dynasty with a unique style. The brushwork is square and straight, with sharp edges. It is very similar to the style of "Zhang Menglong Stele".