Yan Zhenqing's "Guo Xuji's Epitaph" was unearthed in Shouyangshan Town, Yanshi City, Henan Province, China in 1997. It is now collected in the Yanshi Mall Museum. The epitaph is 160.5 cm high and 105 cm wide. It is made of bluestone and has the words " The epitaph of Guo Gong, the former Crown Prince and Grand Master of the Tang Dynasty, the Minister of Industry and Industry, has 16 characters. The epitaph on this epitaph was written in 749 AD by Yan Zhenqing, a famous calligrapher from the Tang Dynasty in China. It is in regular script, with a total of 35 lines and 1150 words. The font is dignified and elegant. This epitaph is as intact as new because it was buried deep underground. Most of the inscriptions written by Yan Zhenqing are incomplete and damaged, so the "Epitaph of Guo Xuji" is even more precious.

【1】The Tang Dynasty’s former minister of the Ministry of Industry presented an epitaph and preface to the crown prince, Grand Master Guo Gong.

[2] Written and written by Chao Yilang and Yan Zhenqing, the imperial censor in the palace. In the eighth year of Weitang Tianbao, Tai Sui Ji Chou, Xia Liu Jia

[3] Wushuo, Wushen on the 15th day of the tenth day, Yinqing Guanglu, the minister of the Ministry of Work, the censor, the governor of Shu County, the governor of Shangzhu Kingdom

【4】Guo Gong died in his official residence in Shu County nine times in the Spring and Autumn Period. The emperor mourned after hearing this, and gave an imperial edict to the prince and grand master, including thousands of pieces of rags, rice, millet, and thousands of stones.

[5] The official gave it to Ling Zhi and returned it to Tokyo. The funeral of the deceased will be carried out and the official tribute will be considered. Next year Qinglong Gengyin, Wu Zishuo in the fifth month of summer, Renyin on the 15th, buried in

[6] To the east of the tomb of Yangyuan, the first person in Yanshi County, is Li! Alas! The public taboo is "Xu Ji", the word "Xu Ji" is Taiyuan people. After Uncle Guo, Guo may be

【7】Guo, hence the surname Yan. Ju Kuang Tai Pu was re-elected as Shi Family. The Duke is the general of the Sui Dynasty Hsiao Cavalry, the third official of Kaifu Yitong, Chang Zhixuan (grandson), and the assassin of Jingzhou in the imperial dynasty.

[8] Shi, the great general manager of Shuofang Dao, presented to the governor of Jingzhou, posthumously named Zhongcheng’s great-grandson, grandson of Chaosan doctor and prince Ximayan, Chaoyi doctor, presented to Zheng

【9】The son of Yi, the governor of the state. Since Hussar arrived in Zhengzhou, he has been a great success in the world, and he has received good news but not lost his reputation! The essence of the public is harmonious, and the stars are beautiful,

[10] The path is profound, the benevolence is the highest, the filial piety and brotherhood are born in Qi Yi, the virtue is reduced to the bone marrow, the heart of charity is young, and the hope of the future is long. Chanting at the age of ten

【11】Lao and Zhuang can explain all the classics at a glance. On the 11th day of the lunar month, the king of Zhengzhou Prefecture was worried. He wept and recited it at a fasting table, and he did not neglect it for three years. Madam Tai is here.

【12】Zhouxian brothers are raised by each other, day and night, and the six relatives sigh. Before he was crowned, he was given the title of Zuo Siyu to lead the army. When his rank was full, he was awarded the title of "Secretary of Military Affairs" in Pizhou.

[13] Hexi Zhidu Yingtian Judge, worshiped the Supervisor Censor Li Xing, changed his position to Jiedushi Judge, removed the Supervisor Censor, transferred to the palace to serve the Censor, and judge

【14】Still belongs. When Tubo invaded Gua and Sha, the military city was frightened. Gong Gong led the soldiers and killed many of his troops. When the emperor heard about it, he became strong and paid homage to the imperial censor. Russia moved to Yu

【15】Wailang, a member of the ministry, the governor of Liang, the governor of the school, and the commander of the march in Hexi, were transferred to the doctor of this department, and I remained the same. He was transferred to the doctor of the driving department, and also served as the imperial censor.

【16】Fang marched Sima. In the twenty-fourth year of Kaiyuan, he was appointed as the official and censor Zhongcheng and Guannaidao envoys for interview and disposal, and was added to the imperial court by San Dafu and Prince Zuo Shu.

【17】The son is also the envoy of Zhongcheng. A few years ago, he moved to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. After a while, he was appointed as the deposed envoy of Henan Province, transferred to the Minister of Household Affairs, and was given a purple gold fish bag. Tianbao

[18] For five years, he served as the official and imperial censor, the governor of Shu County, the deputy ambassador of Jiannan Jieduzhidu Yingtian, and the interview office of this road and Shannan West Road.

【19】 Set an envoy. Be quiet and have few desires, change without speaking, apply lenient policies, and change the wind of strife and criticism. No one will be killed, and no official will commit any crime. Save corvee fees, Juan Litian, Ba

【20】The people of Shu are warm and spring is born. Destroying Tubo front and back is invincible. There was a Qiang lord named Dong Geluo who repeatedly fell into disgrace and was punished by the public.

【21】In the end, Doctor Yinqing Guanglu and Minister of the Ministry of Industry were specially added. In seven years, he defeated thousands of fortresses and captured his prime minister. In the third month of the eighth year, he defeated his Momi and Duba

【22】Wait for eight more cities in the Eight Kingdoms, and set up the Jinchuan Protectorate to control them. After going deep into the bandit court, he was attacked by the cold miasma. In the sixth month of summer, he returned to Shu County and returned in five days.

【23】Die. Alas! He is impartial in both civil and military affairs, and is dedicated to public loyalty. His virtues are not lacking, his ways are not lacking, and his painting is appropriate. In the prime of life, the royal family ascended the throne, but their fate was not good.

[24] Come, die in the king's affairs, block the heart of the holy king, and isolate the aspirations of the common people, don't cherish it! If a scholar from the shogunate recommends Yan Tong for promotion, then he will become the prime minister.

[25] Gong and Xian Yugong held the Jie Yue and accepted the side; Sima Chui, Liu Cui, Lu Zhong, and Han Qia set up a pavilion and established the imperial court. The other dozen or so scholars are all

【26】It is enough for a country to hear people and believe that they can do good deeds! There are five sons: the eldest is called Kui, who joined the army in Henan Prefecture, died first, and was given as a gift to the Secretary Cheng;

[27] Shu, the right Jinwu guard Cao; the second is Bi, Taiyuan Prefecture joins the army; the second is Yan, the left Wei guard cavalry Cao; Ji is called Shu, who has not served in Chongnian. They all cultivate the Jieke family,

【28】Only the lotus worships the Gou, mourns and destroys the Rumu, and wears the clothes. As a member of Zhenqing Xiantai, I have tasted the sound of virtue and seen the entrustment, so I deeply forget the discussion. The inscription reads:

【29】It rains from the sky and clouds appear on the mountains and rivers. The emperor thinks about righteousness, and his idleness makes you angry. Your Majesty is the majestic treasure of the country. There is great virtue, but there is no such thing as Yidao. Tao Miao De

【30】Chong is like Yue Zhisong. The seventh is Tianxian, and the sixth is Nangong. Clarify Guan Fu and control Basi. Rainy people are like summer rain, and things are like spring breeze. Benevolence Zaifu, punishment

【31】Keju. Tubo rebelled against virtue, and Wang Shi reorganized the brigade. Publicly attack them and go deep into their obstructions. The protector of Pingguo, the first to restore my enclosure. Mengji is sick in the west mountain, and good fortune returns to misfortune. what

【32】Yunjian Pavilion, the same as Yuguan? The emperor recognized Pi's achievements and loved Xi. Teacher Yuanliang, to improve the soul. Where to be buried? The first Yang. Qiyao tomb,

【33】Long fall into the mountains and rivers. The flute and drum are swallowed by anger, and the wind sings sadly. Pedestrians must bow down and shed tears.