Jing Xiaopeng, a famous calligrapher in my country, is the winner of “One Hundred Masters of Chinese Hard Pen Calligraphy” and “Top 100 Chinese Hard Pen Calligraphers in Twenty Years”. He was a specially appointed calligraphy teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, and the writer of model calligraphy in the nine-year compulsory education "Writing" and "Calligraphy" textbooks.

He is versatile in calligraphy and has mastered both soft and hard skills. He has compiled and published "Brush Classroom", "Comprehensive Mastery of Standard Chinese Characters", "Calligraphy Level Exam Tutorial", "Commonly Used Standard Chinese Characters", "Illustrated Pen Tutorial on Techniques", "Easy Calligraphy" More than 200 kinds of calligraphy teaching materials including "Complete Guide" are publicly distributed across the country. Now, let’s enjoy teacher Jing Xiaopeng’s beautiful calligraphy together~

Appreciation of teacher Jing Xiaopeng’s soft pen calligraphy


"Spring River Flower Moonlight Night" 4 screens

Ou Kai "Shi Ya Lan Xin"

Ou Kai "Wang Yue"

Ou Kai's "Praise to the Ancient Song"

"Inscription on a Humble Room" in regular script

"Looking at the Sea and Listening to the Waves" in running script

Ou Kai's "Zheng Banqiao's Orchid Poems"

Soft pen seal script works

Xunzi's "Encouragement to Learning" in running script

Appreciation of hard-pen calligraphy by teacher Jing Xiaopeng

Tao Yuanming's famous sayings in regular script

Hard pen regular script

"Going down Zhongnan Mountain and passing Husi Mountain, people stayed and bought wine" in hard-pen regular script.

Hard-pen regular script "Ci Bei Gu Shan Xia"

Hard pen seal script

Hard-pen regular script "Collection of Yan Zhai in the Rain with Scholars"

Tang Taizong's "Hundred-Character Proverbs" in hard-pen regular script

"Mr. Yang Jiang's Quotations" in hard-pen cursive script

"Yulin Ling" in hard-pen cursive script

Teacher Jing Xiaopeng’s ink dot copybook

Hard pen regular script

"Sauvignon Blanc" in hard-pen regular script