"Chu Yue Tie", on paper, collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum. This post is the second of "Long Live Tongtian Posts of the Tang Dynasty". Wang Xi's father's name was "Zheng", to avoid his father's taboo, the "first month" was written as "the first month". The first sentence is "Shanyin Xi's report", which shows that this post was written in Shanyin. Shanyin is the seat of Kuaiji County. In the seventh year of Emperor Mu's Yonghe reign (351), Wang Xizhi went to Shanyin to serve as the internal history of Kuaiji. He was forty-nine years old. This post was probably written after he was forty-nine years old. This post is one of Wang Xizhi's best surviving calligraphy works. The writing, wording and composition of this post all have the characteristics of Zhang Cao.
Liang Tao Hongjing said in his "Lun Shu Qi" with Emperor Wu of Liang: "Since Yishao before Wuxing, all the books have not been called yet." Fan Jue
Good deeds are all to those who were in Kuaiji for ten years. ’ This book was written at the time. It has the suave, elegant, arrogant and capricious charm of the Jin people. The writing is carefree, the ideas are expressive, and the innocence is natural.

Explanation: On the twelfth day of the first lunar month, Shanyinxi
retribution. I was about to send this book, so I stopped.
There is no one on the road, and no one can read the message. Yesterday
At this point, we have to go to the 16th day of the lunar month
Although the book is far away, it is a comfort and a warning. Qing Jia
No? My sufferings are all very bad. square
Zhidao is worried and haggard, and has no strength.
Xi's reward.