The full name of "Dong Xiu's Epitaph" is "The Epitaph of Dong Fujun, the late Tang Dynasty". It was buried on February 8, the third year of Kaiyuan in the Tang Dynasty (715), and was newly unearthed in 2003 AD.

The epitaph inscription is a classic work when the Wei stele style changed to running script. The diameter of a single character is 2.5 centimeters. The original stone is intact and only one character is missing. The whole writing style is free and elegant, smart and comfortable, and occasionally includes the use of running script, which is smart and elegant. The clumsy simplicity of the Beibei stele and the dignified and generous Tang Kai script make it one of the masterpieces that calligraphers must study on their desks.

The epitaph inscriptions describe the travels of the officials for generations, through the changes in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and up to the period of Empress Wu in the mid-Tang Dynasty. They have high historical value.