Sima Guang's Seal Script "Fu Bi's Epitaph Cover"

  From February to June 2008, cultural relics workers in Luoyang City obtained the epitaph of Fu Bi, prime minister of the mid-Northern Song Dynasty, during a rescue excavation for infrastructure construction. The stone is 1.4 meters square and 35 centimeters thick. The full text contains more than 7,000 words. It is said that this is the largest epitaph with the most inscriptions ever unearthed in the Central Plains. The inscription on this epitaph is "The inscription on the cemetery of Wen Zhongfu, posthumous title of Taiwei, given by Situ, the third minister of Yitong in the Song Kaifu, who became the official in South Korea," is Sima Guang's own seal script, which is an extremely rare seal script written by Sima Guang. Wen Zongshu is divided into five lines and has a total of 25 words.