"Bitter Bamboo Shoots Tie" is on silk and is now collected in the Shanghai Museum. It is 25.1 centimeters long and 65.5 centimeters wide. The main text only has two lines and a total of fourteen characters. It reads: "Bitter bamboo shoots and tea are extremely good, so you can come here, Huai Su is the best." This is a letter written by the author to a friend. It means that tea made with bitter bamboo shoots is a very good drink and can be sent again, signed "Huai Su".

  "Bitter Bamboo Shoots Tie" has only 14 characters in its entirety, but it is thin and fat, smooth and vivid, with a pen in the center and a balance of light and heavy. The last line of words "Nai Ke comes directly, Huai Su goes up" is written almost in one stroke, making it a rare cursive calligraphy work.