Wang Duo, Santan Poems, 1644, official script, paper, 27X158cm, collected by Liaoning Provincial Museum

Explanation: Three Pools. The earth spirit is deep and mysterious. Leaning against the stone, one feels solemn and startled. Thunder (sound) boomed and rain fell. The gods share the glory of the medicinal seedlings. That is to say, observe the vitality and open up together. How can we live and die together with Hanquan? Strange Island Hugh will talk about the human realm. Qizhen Xuanhao has the sound of heaven. I have never written a book. He began to learn Chinese style when he lived in Suzhou. I hate that I am so strong in my new year. Learned late. Although. Xizhi. A high fitness level of fifty is acceptable.
In the first month of Jiashen Spring, Wang Duo wrote to his father-in-law, the Empress Shun (Wuchuan), to ask for advice.