Mi Fu's "Leaving Brief Notes", paper, running script, 31.7 cm vertical and 39.7 cm wide, collected by the Princeton University Art Museum, USA

Fu paused and bowed again. forward
I left Jane behind, never to see him again, and now I feel dejected.
teach knowledge
The luggage has arrived. I occasionally visited Lin Xian for a tour,
Since he avoided it, he paid a visit to his family.
Or he has not arrived yet, so he has to leave in a hurry
Funici also. Food is like life. He did it one by one
Show below. Treat guests carelessly. Fu paused.

Note: Lin Xian, courtesy name Jingsi, alias Xuechao, was born in Wuxing. In the main road, there is a special department in the middle, and the Nanyue Temple is supervised. It is known that He Yunzhong loved his talent and married his granddaughter because he lived on the rooftop. Among the works of poetry, there is a collection of poems by Xue Chao.