"Screen Post" was carved by Wang Yunchu in Yuhang in the fourth year of Jiatai of the Song Dynasty (1204), and moved to the wall of the county hall by the county magistrate Yin Wangchang in the third year of Yanyou of the Yuan Dynasty (1316). Because the upper right corner of the stele is missing, it is called the corner stele. In 1937, the Japanese invaded Yuhang and burned and looted it. All the county offices were destroyed, and the whereabouts of the monument were unknown. Only the inscriptions on the monument remained. The local government has spent a lot of money to search for the whereabouts of the monument many times over the past few decades, but so far there has been no result. Now the people of Yuhang imitated the stele and carved it into this stele, which is now erected in Wenyuan Pavilion. A part of "Xihongtang Tie" was reprinted, in which Zhu Kuanfu's postscript said: "The screen book of Emperor Taizong of the Right Tang Dynasty was collected by Yu Cong's brother Ji Ping's family. Gai Cong's ancestor Shaoxing was a vassal of Jiangxi Province at the beginning, and he obtained it from the northerners and the southerners through heavy bribery. The eleven paintings on the ferry are all made of plain silk. On them are mixed paintings of animals and waterweeds, which are still faintly recognizable. According to "Tang Huiyao", it was written on April 22, the 14th year of Zhenguan, as a genuine cursive screen. In order to show the officials, the power of the writing is the best for a moment, and it is sincere and precious." He narrates the origin of "Screen Tie" in great detail. However, the "Screen Tie" that was preserved at that time was only in cursive script. "Yanzhou Mountain Manuscript" written by Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said: "Emperor Wen tried to make real cursive scripts. The ancient emperor's tortoise aphorisms were two screens to show the emperor and his ministers. The ones that are preserved today are written in cursive ears." Jun Liubian seems to have the demeanor of a right army and Yongxing."

Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty had his own unique method of learning calligraphy and writing. His "On Calligraphy" said: "Now when I look at the ancient books, I don't learn their form. I only seek their strength, and the form comes from itself. The reason why I do it is to be the first. The intention is achieved by the result." "Ping Feng Tie" is very popular in Youjun's cursive writing and its ability to change situations, but what it lacks is just a slight weakness in bone strength. When it comes to cursive writing and fast writing, the most difficult thing to find is bone strength, which is best experienced when practicing cursive writing.

This volume of rubbings of "Tang Taizong's Cursive Screen Calligraphy" was collected by Mr. Zhou Tuimi. Later, there was a long postscript by Mr. Shi Zhecun, but it was not published after liberation.


The envoy to the Western Regions offered pearls to Dunhuang and asked for the market again, but if he didn't get it, he would be right. If your majesty negotiates with China's Deliu Desert, then you don't ask for it yourself, but what you get is not worth it.
During the time of Duke Jin of Qi, it rained and snowed for three days. The Duke sat in the hall covered with fox fur and said to Yan Ying, "It has rained and snowed for three days. It has not been cold. Why?"
When the people were cold, Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty asked Pei Kai, one of his attendants, and said, "I will respond to the sky, obey the people, and reform the world. What will be gained or lost?" Kai said, "Your Majesty, you have been ordered to bear the wind from all over the world. Therefore, the one who can compare with Yao and Shun is Jia Chong."
It is appropriate for everyone to lead the world when they are in Ye Fang. It is not appropriate for sages to promote governance with them for personal gain. During the reign of Emperor Wu Xiao of the Song Dynasty, King Jingling, the younger brother of the emperor, had rebelled against him and the emperor later sued the public in the temple.
When he drove out of Xuanyang Gate, he ordered the followers to read. The warriors and common people all shouted "long live". At that time, Cai Xingzong, the attendant, accompanied the chariot.
He asked Emperor Gu to address Xingzong and asked him, "What's wrong with you?" He asked Xingzong to answer seriously, "Your Majesty is weeping and punishing you today."
After winning the battle, everyone in the army praised him as "Long Live". Liu Bei of Shu defeated Liu Zhang's wine gathering. He called Pang Tong "Japanese". The meeting was a joy. Tong said to the Japanese division.
In a country of men, those who think they are watching for pleasure are not the soldiers of benevolence. They are irresponsible and insist on things. They talk too much and don’t talk. When they see something, they regret it. They don’t know how to advance or retreat. They don’t know how to advance or retreat.
This person is so ashamed and elegant, maybe he is drowned. The Yin Zhou Dynasty drank for a long night and lost the sun. He did not know Jiazi. The disciple asked people to ask Jizi. Jizi said he was the master of the world and the whole country was lost.
He said that the world is in danger. A country has been lost, but I alone know that it is in danger.* He said that he was drunk. Emperor Gao of the Han Dynasty wanted to depose the crown prince and established the king of Zhao. Ruyi, the ministers, insisted on fighting. There was no way that Taifu Shusun Tong remonstrated, saying that Duke Xian of Jin in the past deposed the crown prince because of Li Ji.
The people who established Xi Qi and Jin were in trouble for decades, and for ten years the world laughed at Qin. It was not too early. I decided to support Su Huhai and falsely established himself, so that he could be destroyed and sacrificed. Your Majesty saw this with his own eyes.
The prince's benevolence and filial piety have been heard all over the world. Your Majesty will definitely depose his direct descendant and establish a younger son. I would like to subjugate him first and kill the emperor, saying, "I'm here to play."
Er Tong said that the prince's world is originally also shaking the world. How can the world be shaken by the shock? Shen Tujia, the prime minister at the time of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty
When he entered the court, he saw Deng Tong, who was living beside the emperor. If he neglected the etiquette, he went in and said, Your Majesty. If you love the ministers, you will be rich and honorable. The court etiquette cannot be ignored. The emperor said, you, please do not talk about my private matters.
Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent Taizhong Dafu Wu, King Qiu Shou and others to relocate to the south of Acheng, to the east of Yucui and to the west of Yichun.
The enfeoffment of acres and their price is straight to the point that Shanglin Wan belongs to Nanshan and the lieutenant is ordered to do so. The internal history table belongs to the county grass.
Tian wanted to repay the people of Lindu, King Longshou, and he was pleased to praise him for his good deeds. At that time, Dongfang Shuo came by and said to the ministers. He was humble and Jingyi responded to the sky. He filled the sky with blessings and arrogance.
The response should be different, Your Majesty. I am afraid that it will not be high and aggressive, and the hunting place will not be as wide as the sky. If the sky changes, then the three will be assisted.
The end of the earth can be used as a garden, so why bother with it? Du Zhi is extravagant and surpasses the control of heaven to do it. Although he is a small minister in Shanglin, he still thinks he is big.
The emperors and empresses of the Han and Yuan Dynasties did not favor the prince, which quite failed the emperor's will. The emperor wanted to establish his throne. King Tao praised his talents in music. Shi Danjin, the minister of music, said that Fan Wei
Talented and eager to learn, review the past and learn the new. The crown prince is like this. If he is a tool, he is among the strings and bamboo drums. Chen Hui
Li Weigao entered Hengke and became the prime minister of the country. Emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty used the capital house to talk about the disaster.
The banquet asked Emperor Yuan, "Why is Youli's residence dangerous to anyone?" Emperor Ye said, "You don't know, so you are clever." Renfang said, "If you know how clever you are, then you are sycophantic. If you let him, you will be considered a virtuous one."
The emperor said to the wise emperor, "How can we know it now?" The wise emperor said that because of the chaos of the times, the emperor is in danger. The emperor of Qi, Duke Huan of Qin, and the second emperor of Qin Dynasty, who knew the house, tasted it.
When I heard about these two princes, I didn't laugh at them. However, if Ren Shudiao and Zhao Gao were talking about political chaos, why not use their secluded and sharp divination to avoid realizing it?
Emperor Weihu said that only those with the Tao can know the past and the future. The kings who faced chaos were all virtuous and their ministers were aware of the danger and perished.
Disasters and disasters have appeared among the people. Famine, epidemics, and thieves can't help but think that this is a rule and chaos. Whoever is in charge of it knows the emperor's intention. He said that he was lucky to be healed. He also thought that he was not in this room. He said that the kings of the previous life were all the same, ministers. I'm afraid that the queen will regard her now. From today's view, Duke Huan of Qi will regard Guan Zhongji as his successor. Guan Zhong said, "I know you, Mo Ruojun." Duke said, "Yi Ya, how can I respond?"
Bi Linguo, the screen with quotations from the previous emperors and ministers, and the sixth one. Silently, Emperor Wen of Wei was good at shooting pheasants. Xin Zuozhi, the servant, tasted the emperor and said that he was very happy. Zuozhi said that your majesty is very happy to be with you.
Emperor Wen of Wei was silent. Emperor Wen of the Wei Dynasty asked his ministers, "How is hunting so enjoyable?" Liu Ye, one of the servants with eight tones, said, "What is hunting so enjoyable? How can it be better than shooting?"
Bao Xun, the servant of music, spoke loudly of his words: "The music above connects the gods and the people below, and the long rule brings transformation to all nations, which is touching."
Therefore, it is said that there is no good thing in changing customs. How can it be better to enjoy happiness than to explode a canopy in the wilderness, causing harm to fertility?
There is no time to relax in the wind and rain. In the past, the Marquis of Lu watched the fish and ridiculed him in the Spring and Autumn Period. Although His Majesty thought that he was foolish and unwilling to do anything, Liu Ye is now unfaithful by flattering him.
Following your majesty's words, Xi Liangqiu, according to the saying that the beauty is in Zhuantai Ye, please have a judge to discuss the crime.
In the Qing Dynasty, the emperor was angry and made outstanding achievements. He was Zuo Zhonglang General. At the end of the Wei Ming Emperor's death, the prostitutes chased him.
Princess Pingyuan Yi wanted to be married to the emperor, so she sent the young man to the funeral. Yang Fu admonished Emperor Wen, saying that the queen died and his majesty did not go to the funeral, so he focused on the country.
There is no need to hold a child if you are not prepared. A child can come to you on your own. The emperor does not listen. It is difficult to recognize the bad and hold on to emotions. It is easy to be confused. Indulge in one and forget about others. It is righteousness to axe kindness for the sake of sex.
The thief is on top and does not think about anything. The rituals of the past are treated as small and the later generations are arrogant. The power of the law is hindered by laziness.
Supervise the subordinates to the best of their ability. When the subordinates are dismissed, they will look toward the superiors with benevolence and righteousness. The superiors and inferiors will quarrel with each other to usurp and kill each other. This is all due to this.
Ye Fu Rong is not the same as the superiors who are honest and virtuous, and the subordinates are loyal and trustworthy to serve their superiors. The government of a country is as if it cannot be governed by one person.
Knowing the situation, the rule is the rule of a true sage. Duke Jinggong of Qi was drinking wine and having fun, and said to Yan Ying. He asked his son to go and pay homage to Ying. He said, "This is Qi ."
The children of the country are all better than the infants and the king. Therefore, those who dare not mess up are afraid of etiquette, so the king cannot use rudeness. Ministers cannot be rude and cannot do justice. It is the right table.
Duke Jin of Qi traveled to the north of Niushan Mountain and was in tears. He asked how the United States could get here during the Warring States Period. Yan Yingxiao and Duke Gu said he was widowed and died.
Why should a man laugh when his son is sad? Ying said to him, "How can the virtuous man always guard this country?" The government should be enshrined in a coir raincoat
There is no time to mourn death among the acres of land. When Song Zhaogong wanted to leave, he said, "I know why. I will die."
Thousands of courtiers, every time they act, they all call me "Jun Li".
People inside and outside don’t hear about my fault, so that’s why I’m here. King Ling of Chu went to Zhanghua’s stage to have fun. Gu said that Wu Ju said Mei Fu Yue, and Zai Ju said to Chen.
When I hear that the king is in favor, I think it is beautiful and peaceful, and the people think it is a joy. When I hear that the earth, wood, and carvings are noble, I think it is beautiful. the sound of gold, stone, gourd, and bamboo, I think it is joy.
The king of Junzhuang is too high to look after the country, and his spirit is too great to tolerate the people. When the palace is in ruins, it is difficult for the government to eliminate it. To defeat the enemy, the emperor orders the king to be the leader of the country.
How can the people stop and use up all their wealth, and how can hundreds of officials bother to use this as a beautiful sight? It’s in danger. Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty tasted that he sent Mrs. Shen to Ba Ling.