"Pingjiang Jiumao Tie" by Wang Zhan, running script. Paper, 32.1×40.3cm. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Explanation: Let me pay homage to Pingjiang Wine again. Mao Runeng is a rare talent created by me. However, Tang Deguang and others did not follow the laws and regulations. He took more and provided it for him. Fei Xiao, the envoys did not dare to disobey him. So far, he has followed the custom and has not changed. He has invited me. The imperial court wants to make an order of its own. Now it has obtained tens of thousands of wine. Our camp is looking for dozens of area housing materials to build and ye Qinghe. One square is restored to its old one. The envoy will wait for three or two months. He will definitely go to Hangzhou with the desire to enjoy this benefit. It is strictly forbidden to go to the road today. Fortunately, I will not let Hu Shou know this and worship again.