"Begging for Rice" by Yan Zhenqing

The appointment was made in the first year of Yongtai (765). rubbings. Running script, letters. 36.5×16.5 cm. Every 4 lines contains 44 words. The Zhejiang Provincial Museum collects the copy of "Zhongyi Tang Tie" by Liu Yuangang in the Southern Song Dynasty.

According to "Collection of Ancient Records" by Ouyang Xiu of the Song Dynasty: "This ink ink was left in the home of my late friend Ziye. Ziye lived in the prime minister's family and was a poor and poor scholar. He tried to imitate the carved stone and left it to his friend." Mi Fu's "Baozhang Waiting for a Visit" " says: "Begging for Rice Tie" "The genuine Tie was on paper at the court where Lang Su was invited to visit, and he was the doctor of the imperial family, Shun Yuanzi. It was obtained from the An family in Guanzhong, and many scholars had rubbings. This ancient jade scroll is sewn with ' "Shun Yuan's seal was printed with Fan Zhongyan's inscription and postscript." The original work was later lost. It can be seen that in the Northern Song Dynasty, there were already copies of rubbings handed down. The "Zhongyi Tang Tie" does not contain the seal of "Shun Yuan" or the inscriptions and postscripts of others, so it must be a model of the original written in stone.