"Hu Mu Tie" (seventeen posts), cursive script, also known as "Yongxing Tie". Five elements, forty-two characters. "Seventeen Posts" The 18th Tongchi Shou. There is no record of this post in "Secretary of the Right Army". "Ding Tie", "Erwang Tie", "Xihongtang Tie", "Kuaixuetang Tie" and "Hanxiangguan Tie" are engraved. "Xuanhe Shupu" records the title of "Yongxing Tie". However, the "Jinde Shutie" in Volume 6 of "Chunhua Pavilion Tie" is also called "Yongxing Tie". It is difficult to determine which is right and which is wrong, and there are doubts. In the third line of the post, "Don't" is also used as "Hurry". The post stated that Ping'an, the concubine who married Hu Wu's family, originally lived in Yongxing, seventy miles away from here. It is unknown who the younger sister is. Hu Wu's county title was Taishan Fenggao. Wang Xizhi's younger sister married Hu Wu, which seems to refer to Hu Wufuzhi's son Hu Wuqianzhi. If so, he is Wang Xi's nephew. The thirty-seventh volume of "Fifty-Eight Volumes of Cursive Script" in Chu Suiliang's "Youjun Bibliography" records "Information of Hu Wu's Nephew on May 2nd", which can be used as evidence. Hu Wufu was a young man who was good at being famous and allowed himself to be free from trivial matters. He, together with Wang Cheng, Wang Dun and Yu, were nicknamed "Four Friends" by Taiwei Wang Yan. His son was humble, but his talents and learning were not as good as his father's, and he was more arrogant than his father. However, he died before he was thirty. Therefore, Xizhi stayed in Yongxing from his younger sister. Or it was the residence of Xizhi's younger sister when Hu Wuqianzhi was not yet dead. Shuixing belongs to Kuaiji County, northwest of Shanyin, now Xiaoshan County, Zhejiang Province. There is a saying in the post, "I am an official, and my principles are extremely poor." Therefore, when this post was written, Wang Xizhi was still serving as the internal historian of Kuaiji, that is, from the seventh to the eleventh year of Yonghe (351-355). Since it is said that "all principles are extremely poor", it should refer to political affairs. When Wang Xizhi was in Kuaiji, he was troubled by two things. One was the famine in the east; the other was Wang Shu's difficulties in Kuaiji's criminal administration after his return. Wang Xizhi was deeply ashamed of this. This also led to the resignation of the county.

Explanation: Mrs. Hu's sister lived in peace in Yongxing, and she has been here for seventy years. I am an official, and my principles are extremely poor. It's better than it is again. Come to Shiyun and ask his maid. I can't get any letters. Xi Zhibai.