"Ode to the Dancing Crane" was written by Mi Fu (1051-1107), a calligrapher and painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, to Emperor Zhao Ji. It is the pinnacle of Mi Fu's art when he was 56 years old. It is a treasure that has been lost to the world. It was originally hidden in the Song Dynasty royal family and later in the Yuan Palace. Yuan Wenzong appointed the famous calligrapher and painter Ke Jiusi as the "Kui Zhang Pavilion" calligraphy doctor. Appraisal of paintings and calligraphy. Ke commented on "Wu Crane Ode" as "unprecedented and unparalleled". Domestic experts on Mi Fu's research have conducted surveys and found that no one knows about "Ode to Dancing Crane"; this discovery is a major event in the Chinese calligraphy circle and will rewrite the history of Mi Fu's art.

[Mi Fu] was originally named Fu, but later changed to Fu, with the courtesy name Yuanzhang, and his nicknames include Xiangyang Jushi and Haiyueshanren. His ancestral home is Wuwei County, Anhui Province. He later moved to Xiangyang, Hubei Province and lived in Runzhou (now Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province) for a long time. He once served as school secretary, doctor of calligraphy and painting, and wailang of the Ministry of Etiquette. He is good at poetry and calligraphy, and is good at calligraphy styles such as seal script, official script, regular script, running script, and cursive script. He is good at copying ancient calligraphy to the point of imitating the real calligraphy. He first studied under a certain scholar at that time, and later studied under Ouyang Xun and Liu Gongquan. His calligraphy was tightly knotted and his strokes were straight and vigorous. He then turned to Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi, where his posture was expanded and his strokes were thick and vigorous. He called himself a "brush calligrapher", and was the same as Su Shi and others. Huang Tingjian and Cai Xiang are both known as the four major calligraphers of the Song Dynasty.

[Original text of "Ode to the Crane"] Bao Canjun's Ode to the Crane
(The author of "Wu Crane Ode": Bao Zhao, was a litterateur during the Five Dynasties period. His works are exciting and touching. "Wu Crane Ode" is one of his masterpieces handed down from ancient times.
The best article ever written describing cranes. )

Scatter the secluded sutras to examine things, and turn them into immortal birds. The algae blooming in the sky hold a clear and clear mind. Point to the pot and turn the Han, look at Kunlang and raise the sound. Wandering through the sun's territory to return home,
The sky is poor and the steps are high. The Jian Shen area is far away, and there are many places where people can gather their spirits and worship them. The essence contains elixirs and stars are shining, and the top is purple and smoky. The leader's voice is delicate and graceful, and the toes are repaired like a thorn.
The frost hairs are stacked to create shadows, and the jade feathers are vibrating to create clouds. Play in Zhitian in the morning and drink in Yaochi in the evening. I am tired of rivers and seas, so I swim in the swamps, and I see the restraints under the clouds. Go to the tranquility of the imperial hometown and return home
The world is noisy and humble. The years are prosperous, but the twilight is sad, and the heart is melancholy and sad to leave.

So the poverty kills the festival, and the anxious scene withers the year. The sand shakes the fields and the wind shakes the sky. The mist is severe and bitter, and the spring is bright and sad. Long rivers are clogged with ice and mountains are covered with snow. Now that the atmosphere is dark and the night is resting,
The scenery is clear. The stars are turning back to Han Dynasty, and the dawn moon is about to set. In the morning when the chicken feels the cold, I feel pity for the frosty wild goose. The depression in the face of the storm is the scorching light in the stream of light. The sound of chirping echoes in Danchi
, dancing in the Golden Pavilion. At the beginning, Lian Xuan was staggering like a phoenix, and at the end, he was dancing like a dragon. Wandering around, vibrating quickly and destroying. The body is frightened, and the snow is flying.

Leaving the outline and leaving, we are dependent on each other. The rise will be suspended, if you go and return. Sada is cautious, delaying the sunset. Yihe followed, Ao Zhu took the lead. Points to meet the rules and fly, Linqi steps step by step
. There is a lingering beauty in the posture, and the appearance is endlessly interesting. Benji teases knots, and angles reveal fractals. The sound is long and slow, and the wings are flying together. The light traces are messy and the floating shadows are intertwined. Varied and varied
dense. The smoke and mist are condensed, as if there is no hair. When the wind goes away and the rain comes back, we can’t talk about it. The soul is scattered and the eyes are wandering, and I am confused and don't know where I am. Suddenly the stars leave and the clouds stop, I straighten my appearance and maintain myself
. I look up to the sky with great admiration, and even more melancholy and amazement.

At that time, Yan Ji looked depressed and Ba Tong felt ashamed. The hand towel is stopped twice, and the pill sword is stopped twice. Although he dares to do it in Handan, he can't imitate it. Entering the Wei Kingdom and riding in the pavilion, leaving the capital of Wu
And the market is falling. Staying tame and tamed for thousands of years, and growing up and sad for thousands of miles.