Wang Xizhi's "Zhanyi Hutaotie", Dunhuang Stone Chamber Proposal, paper version. The length is 25.2 cm and the width is 20.6 cm. 5 lines. Cursive writing. Collection of the British Library, UK.

This post comes from "Seventeen Posts" written in cursive script by Wang Xizhi. The full text can be found in "Secretary of the Right Army": "There are two kinds of medicine, Zhizuo and Walnut. Zhizuo is the key. Rong salt is the key to taking food. Zhizuxia is called Xu. After taking it, I will come back to you, but I have not promised this ambition. Those who know me hope that this will be successful. I have no chance to see you, so I would like to smile." The current post is broken, with only 21 words left. Explanation: "...I haven't promised to come back to you. I hope you know me. This is a true story. I don't have a chance to see you, so I just want to smile."