Zhao Mengfu's regular script "Shou Chun Tang Ji" was written in the third year of Yanyou (1316) of Emperor Renzong of the Yuan Dynasty. It is a fusion of the two kings and Li Yong and is a powerful work. The ink mark was collected by Chen Tingqing of the Qing Dynasty and has been authenticated by Wang Mingsheng, Ruan Yuan, Weng Fanggang, Iron Bao and others. In the second year of Jiaqing of Emperor Wenzong of the Qing Dynasty (1798), the stone was carved in Fule, Hangzhou, and was engraved by Wu Housheng. The original rubbings contained twelve paragraphs of inscriptions and commentaries by Chen Tingqing and Wang Mingsheng, etc. When printing, all but one postscript by Chen Tingqing were omitted. In the inscription and postscript, Wang Mingsheng said: "The writing style of this book is very strong." Tie Bao said: "It is a great order to take the breath of the fetus, and it also combines the indulgence of Beihai. After washing away the habit of flirting in a lifetime, the real person is in a state of old age." Shi Yunyu also said: "The writing style is like a dragon or a Li, like a fast horse entering the battle, no matter whether it is vertical or horizontal." These are all comments with reference value.


Shouchuntang Ji, Yanyou Yimao, the month of Jiaping, Dongli Wengbu lived in the west of the stream in Zheng Township. Pingchou is in front of it, and you can't see it at all; the lakes and mountains are behind it, and you can vaguely see them if they are there or not. Two streams and two streams are on its left and right, just like holding Erran. The three rooms of the hall are considered to be the place where Yan can relax. The beams and columns are small, large, and moderate in size. They are not painted or carved. They are simple, brilliant, and spacious. The pond is dredged with pavilions to clear the water, and the walls are built with caution in mind. Pines, bamboos, cinnamon, junipers, plums, oranges and rosewood are scattered around the house. Also mixed with orchids, chrysanthemums and other herbs, the shade can be used to admire, the flowers can be played with, and the fruits can be harvested. In March next year, when we look forward to it, Longshan Mou Yinglong Chengfu Bian said "Shou Chun" and met relatives and friends to come. The guest may point to the flat face and ask: "I am a good old man, he is healthy and has few illnesses, and he has a long life; he is filial and kind to his brothers, his boudoir is solemn, and his family is springy. Isn't this the name of the family?" Weng laughed and said: "My intention is not specific. In the past, when I was in trouble, my body was full of worries, and my house was depressed, I sighed three times and fell asleep. I was in danger and could not protect myself. I said to the people here with emotion: 'How can we, common people, be so lucky? How can I see that I am in good health now?' But for decades, there has been no military revolution, there have been many good harvests, and the population has become increasingly prosperous. The people are prosperous and prosperous, just like in the Shou region, like climbing the Spring Terrace, so I can In my spare time, I set up my hall to serve my elders, to teach my children and grandchildren, and to drink wine from my parents, so that I can have the joy of life. Min Min Yan is like a farmer looking at the completion of his basket, or a loving mother looking at her children. For a long time, I have been working day and night, and my wishes have been fulfilled, and I have become a lucky people in peace. How should I be happy? In addition, my body and life are healthy and my family is in peace. This is what human nature desires, and everyone will be in peace, and then I can. Otherwise, even if this is the case, How can I be happy alone? This is the original intention of me to congratulate myself in this famous hall." A young man was suspicious and said, "I don't know the past, so what I said is wrong?" Yu said, "I have seen the past with my own eyes. In fact, it is not an exaggeration. Today, the waves are as flat as a mirror, the brocade cables are slowly being pulled, and I am singing and singing. I don’t know how good it is. I must taste the danger of the wind and waves, and then I will know it. I have nothing to do, live and eat, and be with others. No matter what, I don’t know how pleasant it is. You must taste the pain of dysentery and then you will know it. When Xiang Shiweng grew up in a peaceful world, like Shao Yao, he may not know how deep it is, and how deep it is. I hope that nothing will happen at that time. , He who can live in peace and have time to eat is a good person; he who hopes that times will be difficult and has to take risks to gain luck is a villain. This is what the old man said, and he puts the world first and then his private family. Who can do it? So I know Weng." Weng's surname is Zheng. He is located in the east of Wucheng County. His hometown is called Changle, according to the records of April in Shixia. The Hanlin scholar accepted the imperial decree and became the official in charge of imperial examinations.