Wang Duo's "Five Scrolls from Shihu and Other Volumes", 1646, hand scroll, running script, paper, 27X253cm, collected by Tianjin Art Museum

Wang Duo's "Five Volumes of Self-Books on Shihu and Other Volumes" Explanation: Shihu The heart of things and the flowing water meet, and there is Pinggao outside the grass. The good soldiers are tired of cherishing the soil. They occupy the clouds and hold the rain high. If you are a fan of learning, you will like Yu Ke, and you will make Xiximao laugh. The shadows are all elephants, and the waves are heard on the foreshore. Xiawang, Daci Nunnery in Guazhou I choose Ci Nunnery to be quiet and burn incense to awaken my righteous mind. The stick is due to the rice growing in the river, and the mountain is found at the temple gate. In the middle area of ​​Chu Yue, there is a deep ravine in Jinjiao. The purple sky is full of pure energy, and the crow road is dark and cloudy. He Jiushan Village has encountered ripe loquats and frequently visited Lushi Garden. The distant Ke and the shadow of the waterfall protruded from Chaimen in ancient times. The pride of bones is still multi-faceted, and the decline of orchids still has roots. Changyang flies to half the abdomen, and the stone caves are both cold and warm. Wen Mu Zhai wanted to walk on the cliff of Fushui Mountain, but he still wanted to borrow a six-foot-long sword on credit. Thinking of you and talking to each other, it's like pine trees sharing ten thousand streams. The osmanthus wine remains in the pavilions, and the ancient yong falls on the gate of heaven. It can be seen that if the head is bright, it will disturb Xuanlong. On the first day of the fifth lunar month in Bingxu, Wang Duo wrote.