Part of Wang Xianzhi's "Love Story". 5 lines, 39 words. Running script Engraved "Chunhua Pavilion Post" Volume 9

Interpretation: I miss love and go everywhere. Save the news, and be sorry for it! I don't know when I will see you again. Why do you mean this heart! I only wish to do my best. If this letter is late, we will know the movement again.

I miss you all the time, but I am so sad that I don't know when I can meet you again. I don't know what words can express my feelings at the moment. I only hope you can take care of yourself and write back to me sooner or later to let me know your situation.

What makes Wang Xianzhi so sad and miss every word? Every word of blood and tears? Why did Wang Xianzhi separate from his ex-wife and miss her so much? This should start with the royal family in Wang Xianzhi's time.

Sima Daofu (Princess Xin 'an), the daughter of Jian Wendi, the emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was originally betrothed to Huan Ji, the general of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Later, Xu Huanji and his brother Huanxi took part in a secret plot to kill his uncle Huan Chong. When it was revealed, the emperor abolished Xu Huanji and exiled him to Changsha.

At that time, Emperor Xiao Wudi, the son of Jian Wendi, was 11 years old. Under the influence of Xie An and others, the emperor decided to remarry Princess Xin 'an to Wang Xianzhi. Xie An had a good personal relationship with Wang Xizhi, and also had a marriage relationship. He pulled Wang Xianzhi into the palace to provide Wang Xianzhi with a direct access to the top of the imperial power.

Such kindness and love have planted a seed of great sorrow and suffering for Wang Xianzhi. Wang Xianzhi and his wife, Xi Daomao, were in love. Under the guidance of Xie An and other directors, the young Emperor Xiao still chose him as a husband and wife in Wang Xianzhi. Therefore, Wang Xianzhi was forced to divorce Yun Daomao.

Under the imperial power, Wang Xianzhi tried his best to refuse marriage, even by self-mutilation (burning her legs with wormwood, and then getting sick), but it was still ineffective. Forced to divorce his wife. Therefore, Wang Xianzhi became a Xu, and his official position was the secretariat. However, he was depressed and guilty. At the age of 43, he died of depression, and his ex-wife Qi Daomao never remarried.

From this, we can understand why Wang Xianzhi's letter to his ex-wife was full of tears and helplessness. Every stroke and painting of his meets with the emotion in his heart; Every time he writes a string, it is an echo of his past experience.

Miss love, go everywhere. When writing these words, the strokes are concise, the strokes are more rational, and it is to calm down your emotions.

Save the complaint and grieve for it. Emotion leads to the increase of pen speed, the emergence of grass method, and the word "plug" returns to reason, as if trying to control one's emotions.

I don't know when I will see you again. Fast, smooth and informal, just like expressing your expectations.

Why do you mean this heart? It is a kind of helpless self-questioning, showing a sense of powerlessness to the situation.

I only wish to take good care of it. If this letter is late, we will know the movement again. There are both profound and sincere expectations and endless yearning, and the strokes of the words "faith", "opposition", "complex", "knowledge" and "action" are intertwined until the end of "silence"

"Book of Jin" records: "Wang Zijing (Wang Xianzhi Zi Zijing) is seriously ill, and the Taoist chapter should be the first chapter. Ask him about the origin, similarities and differences, gains and losses. Zi Jingyun: "I don't feel that I have anything to do, but I only remember divorcing my family."

Wang Xianzhi has always felt guilty about Daomao. When he was dying, the Taoist priest asked him what regrets he had in his life. He sighed: "Nothing else, just regret divorcing the Xi family.

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