Sun Guoting (646-691), everyone is very familiar with. A brief introduction: Chinese calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty, calligraphy theorist, Fuyang, Zhejiang. He is good at running calligraphy, especially cursive script. He followed the example of Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi. He wrote "Shupu", many of which, such as the three stages of learning books, the five obediences and five combinations in creation, etc., are still meaningful today. There are three kinds of handed down handed down calligraphy by Sun Guoting: "Shu Pu", "Thousand Characters", and "Jingfu Temple Fu", all of which are cursive scripts. Among them, "Shu Pu" is the most successful and influential. Today, we have summarized "Sun Guoting's 100 Methods of Cursive Radicals" based on his theories and works. Everyone can read it and get started with cursive script easily.