Everyone is familiar with Sun Guoting (646-691). A brief introduction: Chinese calligrapher and calligraphy theorist of the Tang Dynasty, Fuyang, Zhejiang. He is good at running calligraphy, especially cursive calligraphy. He is like the French kings Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi. He wrote "Shu Pu", many of which are still relevant today, such as the three stages of learning calligraphy and the five obedients and five combinations in creation. There are three types of handwriting handed down from Sun Guoting: "Shupu", "Thousand-Character Essay", and "Jingfudian Fu", all of which are cursive scripts. Among them, "Shupu" has the highest achievement and greatest influence. Today, based on his theories and works, we have summarized "Sun Guoting's 100 Cursive Cursive Methods" for everyone to read and get started with cursive writing easily.