Chen Ji (1314-1370) was born in Suzhou in the late Yuan Dynasty. He once assisted Zhang Shicheng in the military affairs. He was very ruthless in military affairs, and he often used his skills in flying books and traveling around. Moreover, many of the poems he wrote reflected the life of the rebels. He is a talented man of the hour. Several short letters handed down from him clearly show his character. His "Bitter Rain Note" to Qian Boxing was written in a free and casual manner, just like his personality. The writing is galloping and controlling, and the interest flows away. At the end, the last stroke of the word "ye" occupies five or six characters in a row, and the heroic spirit pours out. It is rare to be so happy!


A gift of poems from Snow Slope

Attached are two pieces of notes



Paper version of "Meeting Note". 24.3X32.5cm. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.
This post is a letter, meticulously written, and quite charming. From it, we can see the influence of Zhao Mengfu, Kang Lizishan and others from the Yuan Dynasty. It was once hidden in the Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty and engraved in "Sanxitang Dharma Notes".