Poet, writer, scholar and calligrapher of the Yuan Dynasty. The courtesy name is Tingyu, and the nickname is Zhanyuan, a native of Qixia Mountain. A native of Qiantang (Hangzhou, Zhejiang). He was extremely intelligent since childhood, was good at poetry and prose, and had extensive knowledge of classics and history. Together with Qiu Yuan from Tongyi, he is famous for his poetry and is known as "Qiu Bai". After entering the Yuan Dynasty, he was awarded the title of Confucian scholar of Taiping Road, and soon became the professor. Later, he was transferred to the professor of Changzhou Road. He moved to Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places to serve as deputy professor of Confucianism in Zhongshu Province. He was also transferred to Huaidong Yancang Ambassador and Lanxi Prefecture Judge. In his later years, he lived in seclusion at the foot of Qixia Ridge on the West Lake. Because there were springs flowing from Zhushan Mountain at his door, he named his room "Zhanyuan". Gongshifu once formed a society with celebrities at that time, which was called "Yuequan Yin Society". The themes of his poems mostly depict the beautiful natural scenery and rural pastoral life, and some reflect the people's livelihood and current political affairs. The language is simple and natural, graceful and tranquil, without elaboration, and the style is elegant, which is highly praised by people at the time. His "Ode to the West Lake" contains nearly 10,000 words, describing the scenic spots and historical sites of the West Lake with detailed textual research, which can be called a West Lake anecdote. He is the author of 8 volumes of "Zhan Yuan Collection", of which only one volume each of "Zhan Yuan's Manuscripts" and "Zhan Yuan Jingyu" remain. He is good at poetry and prose, and has close contacts with Zhou Mi, Zhao Mengfu, Xian Yushu, Deng Wenyuan, Qiu Yuan, etc. He also had profound attainments in calligraphy. People at the time called him "poetry is as good as Tao and Wei, and calligraphy is as good as Yan and Liu."

  Mo Zhu has no master. His teacher is Zhenzhu. The branches on the wall are exposed in the wind. Watch it day and night. Li Hou was heartbroken. A sum of money is enough. The breeze comes or not. The leaves touch each other darkly. Think about it when you put pen to paper. See the bamboo but not the ink. Zai Zai Yujiangtang. There is this Yuandang Valley. Bai Jue.