Zhu Shengfei (1082-1144), also known as Zangyi, was born in Caizhou (now Runan, Henan). One is said to be from Gusu (now Suzhou, Jiangsu Province) (Volume 7 of "Guange Lu of the Southern Song Dynasty"). Huizong ascended to Shedi in the second year of Chongning (1103). In the first year of Jingkang of Emperor Qinzong (1126), he was the deputy general manager of Dongdao, with authority over Tianfu. Gaozong Jianyan changed to the Yuan Dynasty (1127), and he was admitted to Shushe and Quanzhi bachelor's college. In the second year, in addition to Minister Youcheng, he was moved to the position of Vice Minister of Zhongshu. In the third year, he served as the right servant of Shangshu and the envoy of the imperial camp. Miao Fu, the chamberlain, and others forced Emperor Gaozong to abdicate, and the matter was settled. They went out to Hongzhou to find and eliminate Jiangxi's pacifying ambassador, and also learned about Jiangzhou. In the first year of Shaoxing (1131), Ma invaded Jiangzhou and was demoted to Nanjing. In the second year, in addition to serving as an attendant, he went to worship Shangshu's right servant, and he was in charge of the affairs of Tongzhongshu. Ding's mother was worried and left. She got up and returned to her right servant to shoot and learn about the affairs of the Privy Council. In the fifth year, he was promoted to Dongxiao Palace in Lin'an Prefecture (Volume 91 of "Annual Records since Jianyan"). In the seventh year, he learned about Xuanzhou. In the eighth year, the temple was dedicated again (ibid., Volumes 112 and 118). In the ninth year, I learned about Huzhou again, and went away quickly (ibid., Volumes 126 and 132). Because of his disagreement with Qin Hui, he was abandoned for eight years and died in fourteen years at the age of sixty-three. There is a volume of "Records of Leisure in Xiushui". There is a biography in Volume 362 of "History of the Song Dynasty".


Zhu Shengfei's "Xiang Guo Tie", paper in regular script, 28.7 cm long by 28.6 cm wide, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

  Zhu "returned due to illness" in the fifth year of his stay in Shaoxing (1135), and "History of the Song Dynasty" states that he "died after eight years of residence". Therefore, this post may have been written between 1135 and 1144, and is a work in his later years. The calligraphy is slightly imitated by Su Shi's, but slightly less stable.

  Appreciation seals: "Zijing" (Zhu Wen), "Tian Lai Pavilion" (Zhu Wen), "Xiang Yuan Bian Seal" (Zhu Wen), "Xiang Molin Appreciation Seal" (Bai Wen), "Tuimi" (Zhu Wen), " "Molin Mountain Man" (Bai Wen), "Collection of Xiang Zijing's Family" (Zhu Wen), "Jun Li Xiang's Family Treasure Play" (Zhu Wen), "Shiqi's Seal" (Zhu Wen). "Collection of Yang Family" (Zhu Wen).

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