Zheng Wangzhi (1078-1161), also known as Gu Dao, was born in Pengcheng (now Xuzhou, Jiangsu). Only son. In the fifth year of Chongning of Emperor Huizong (1106), he was a Jinshi and passed through the Yi, Gong and Hucao positions in Kaifeng Prefecture. In the first year of Emperor Jingkang of Qin Dynasty (1126), the Jin people attacked Bianjing. They pretended that the Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce was the envoy in front of the army. Due to the peace talks, he withdrew from the Mingdao Palace in Haozhou. The first year of Emperor Jianyan's reign (1127). He was responsible for the deputy envoy of Haizhou Tuanlian and lived in Lianzhou. Later, he became the Minister of the Ministry of Hubu, and then transferred to the Minister of the Ministry of Officials. He discussed matters and disobeyed the decree, and then he was enshrined in the temple. When I first learned about Xuanzhou, I stopped talking about it after more than a year. In Shaoxing, he became an official with a direct degree from Huiyou Pavilion. Thirty-one years later, he died at the age of eighty-four. There is a biography in Volume 373 of "History of the Song Dynasty".


Zheng Wangzhi's "Xiang Guo Tie", running script. Paper, 34 cm in height and 47 cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.

  "Xiang Guo Tie" is also called "Wuyuan Tie". "Hong's father" is Zeng Hong's father. In the 13th year of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (1143), the Zheng family was an official in Taizhou Prefecture. After returning home, he and Zeng Hong's father "went back and forth day and night, and drank a glass of wine" (Wang Mingqing's "Hui Chenhou Lu" in the Song Dynasty). This post should have been written at this time. . The writing is vigorous and sharp, and it is a masterpiece in his later years.

  Appraisal seals: "Xu Zixian appraisal seal" (Zhu Wen), "Ji Xiubo Gu" (Zhu Wen), "Shou Qing" (Zhu Wen).

After looking forward to it, he bowed his head and bowed again. Passing through Wuyuan,
Mountains, rivers, vegetation, great victory Rao Xinjian. bright
Day after day, we cross Furong Ridge and arrive at Xin'an and Jiangshan.
The weather is not as good as belonging to the county.
Brother, I was guarding Feichuan and came to this country.
If you want to feel even more lonely, you can get it in time
When writing a letter, I made a flying head in the mountain crevice, and also
To be content with oneself is to know
A wise man is at ease with what he encounters and will be happy wherever he goes. Shihong
The father is sitting there, both of them are extremely depressed, but they are still waiting to hear the news.
Calling for festivals
Zhongxing, how can those who have been wandering in the mountains for a long time be evil?