Zhang Tianxi, given the courtesy name Junyong and nicknamed Jinxi Laoren, was a native of Hezhong in the Jin Dynasty. He was an official and good at calligraphy. "Huiyao" said that he wrote "Cursive Script Yunhui" which has been published in the world. "Cursive Script Yunhui" collects the cursive glyphs of ancient famous writers and arranges them in rhyme. It includes a total of 257 people from the history of Emperor Zhang of the Han Dynasty to Wanqing of the Jin Dynasty. , Zhao Bingwen wrote the preface, and the imitation is very precise. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Xian Yushu was added, and the name was changed to "Cursive Script Jiyun". The engraving was reprinted in the early Ming Dynasty and the names of Zhao Xu and other families were deleted. "Cursive Script Yunhui" had a certain influence on the popularization and development of cursive script in later generations.