Zhang Kongsun (1233-1307), also known as Mengfu, first came out of the Wuruo tribe of Liao Dynasty, was absorbed by the Jin people, and then moved to Long'an (now Nong'an, Jilin). Leiguan Jixian is a bachelor, a doctor of Zhongfeng, etc. Be upright and honest as an official. Confucius and Sun were known for their literary reputation, and were good at playing the harp, painting landscapes, bamboos, and rocks, and were particularly good at riding and shooting. During the establishment of the dynasty, those who made admirable remarks and comments were admired by scholars. There is a biography in "Yuan History".
  Although very few of his paintings and calligraphy works have been circulated, this inscription has important historical value. It not only plays an important role in identifying the authenticity and circulation of Su Shi's "Er Fu", but also helps to study the history of calligraphy and painting collections in the Jin Dynasty. . There are not many words in the inscription and postscript, the regular script is arranged properly, the strokes are well-proportioned and skillful and smooth.


Postscript to Su Shi's "Dongting Spring Scenery" and "Zhongshan Pine Mash" two poems on paper, 28 cm in height and 25 cm in width.
Collection of Jilin Provincial Museum