He was the jailer of Yueyang in Qin Dynasty and later became the Taishi Ling. Xu Shen of the Eastern Han Dynasty wrote the "Shuowen Jiezi Preface": "Si wrote the Cangjie Pian. Zhao Gao, the commander of the CRRC, wrote the Yuanli Pian. Hu Wujing, the great historian, wrote the Erxue Pian. All of them are based on Shi Zhen's seal script. , or a provincial revision, the so-called Xiaozhuan." In the "Ancient and Modern Writings" compiled by Wang Min of the Northern Wei Dynasty, fifty-nine people from Qin, Han, and Wu were listed, including Hu Wujing. The "Miaopin" in the volume "Shujuan" by Zhang Huaiguan of the Tang Dynasty also said that Hu Wujing "had extensive knowledge of ancient and modern characters. He also worked with Cheng Miao and Li Si to revise the seal script and wrote seven chapters of the "Erudition Chapter". He thought about old chapters and learned from many people's teachings." He made a certain contribution to the creation of Xiaozhuan. The works are untested.

  One is for Hu Mujing. (The surname "Hu Mu" is also called "Hu Wu")