The year of Chen Zun's birth is unknown, but he died in the first year of Jianwu of Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty (? 1 about 25). Duling people. The courtesy name is Yu Gong. At first, it was the history of Jingzhao and the order of Yuyi. At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Ai was granted the title of Marquis of Jiawei. In Wang Mang's new dynasty, he was the governor of Henan and the captain of Jiujiang and Hanoi. During the reign of Emperor Gengshi, he served as the guardian of the Great Sima. Later, he was killed in Shuofang. There is a biography in volume ninety-two of "Hanshu", saying that Chen Zun was "good at writing, and he was proud of his writings and writings." Wang Min of the Northern Wei Dynasty's "Ancient and Modern Writings" lists fifty-nine people from Qin, Han, and Wu. , including Chen Zun. Yang Xin of the Southern Dynasties, "Cai Lai Able to Write Names of People from Ancient Times", said that Chen Zun was "good at seal script and official script. Every call he wrote was amazing. People at that time called it 'Chen Jingzuo'."