Handan Chun was a native of Wei Yingchuan in the Three Kingdoms period. One thing about Chen Liuren. The first name is Zhu, with the courtesy name Zishu or Zishu. Handan Chun has a clean mind and a clear mind. Linzi Marquis Cao Zhi asked for help. During the reign of Emperor Wen of Wei, he was a Ph.D. Good at eating "Cang", "Ya", Chongzhuan, Xu's character refers to it. Proficient in ancient prose. Jin Weiheng's "Four Styles of Calligraphy" says: "The first person to transmit ancient prose in the Wei Dynasty came from Handan Chun." It also says: "Cao Xi is good at seal script, which is slightly different from Li Si, and he is also called good. Handan Chun's master, let's briefly study its beauty. . Wei Dan's master Chun was not as good as him." It is also said that Cai Yong was good at seal script, "but his precision and rationality are not as good as Chun'e." Later Wei Jiang's "Lun Shu Biao" said that Handan Chun was good at eight styles and six books, "teaching the emperors with books." He also built the "Three Characters Stone Classic" to the west of the Han stele. The revised "Shuowen" is composed of seal script and Datong, but the ancient characters have few differences." Liang Yuan Ang's "Ancient and Modern Book Reviews" of the Southern Dynasty said: "Handan Chun's calligraphy should follow the rules of the people, and the square and round shapes will be perfect." The volume of "Book Break" by Zhang Huaijin of the Tang Dynasty said: Handan Chun "worked on all eight styles, learned from Cao Xi, and was especially good at ancient prose" , big seal script. Eight points, official script." List its ancient texts, big seal script. Xiaozhuan, eight points. A wonderful work from the official calligrapher.