Year of birth unknown. He died during the Jianning period of Emperor Ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty. A native of Anping, Zhuo County. The word is true. A name is Taiwan, and the character is Yuanshi. Cui Yuanzi, calm and good at classics, erudite and talented. In the early days of Emperor Huan of the Han Dynasty, he was promoted to Lang. Later he paid homage to Yilang and wrote in Dongguan. He became the prefect of Wuyuan. Cui Shi Gongshu is especially good at Zhangcao. Liang Yu Jianwu's "Shupin" of the Southern Dynasties listed his books as the best among the best, saying: "Zi is a truly talented person, and his sect is not bad." Li Sizhen's "Shuhoupin" of the Tang Dynasty ranked Cui Shi's books as top or bottom. The second volume of Zhang Huaiguan's "Shu Duan" discusses Cui Shizhang's cursive script and says: "Elegance has the style of a father." It is listed as a top grade. He is the author of fifteen articles, including steles, treatises, inscriptions and answers. Among them, the article "Political Commentary" discusses dozens of matters that were relevant at that time. It refers to the important issues of the time and is known in the world. There is a biography in Volume 52 of "Book of the Later Han Dynasty".