Zhao Yidong was a native of Hanyang West County during the reign of Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty. Uncle Zi Yuan. Wenyuan famous people, but they were arrogant because of their talents and were ostracized by the township party. He served as a county official. In the first year of Guanghe's reign (178), he went to the capital with the help of a county official, and was recommended by Yuan Feng and Yang Zhi. Famous in the capital. Because cursive writing was becoming more and more popular at that time, the county governor liked to work with Liang Yi, the county official. Jiang Xuzhicao ordered Zuo Zhang to think of it as a secret play. Zhao Yi's "Zuo Fei Cursive Script" commented: "The rise of cursive script can be traced back to the end of the Qin Dynasty, when the punishments were high, the official books were cumbersome, and the wars were fierce. When writing together, the military letters are flying; the feathers are flying, so it is official grass, and it is quick to hear. It is not the profession of a saint to show simple instructions. However, it is difficult to save trouble by deleting it, and it is easy to restore it if it is damaged. It is easy to know. , very formal. Therefore, he praised "According to the appropriate situation." Nowadays, those who learn cursive calligraphy do not think about its simple purpose, but think that Du (Du) and Cui (Ai)'s method is the same as fish and dragon. Save and support the sister-in-law, cross-examination and Yi, don't lose it. Private letters to each other, the concubine wrote the letter alone, saying, "It's hard to be in a hurry, so it's not as good as grass." Herbal medicine is easy and fast, but now it is difficult and late to counterattack, and there are many missing fingers. ." He wrote poems and poems. Proverbs, poems, books, and sixteen essays. The original collection has been lost. There is a biography in Volume 80 of "Book of the Later Han Dynasty".