Zuo Bo was a native of Donglai in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The name is Yu Yi. He was good at making paper, with excellent paper quality, so he was known as "Zuo Bo Paper". Work documents. Jin Weiheng's "Si Ti Shu Shi" says: "Zuo Yuyi Xiao is different from (Handan) Chun and (Liang) Hu, but they are also famous." The records of Qin, Han and Wu were listed in the "Ancient and Modern Texts" by Wang Min of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Fifty-nine people, including Zuo Bo. Liang Yu Jianwu's "Shu Pin" in the Southern Dynasties listed Zuo Bo's book as a medium-grade book. In the second volume of "Shu Duan" written by Zhang Huaiguan of the Tang Dynasty, he called Zuo Bo "eight points of an agent, and his name is on the same level as Mao Hong." He commented: "The eight points of Ziyi are still the same as those of Shan Zhiwenpi, the beauty of the Northeast." Nengpin.