Liu Des was a native of Yingchuan during the reign of Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The word Junsi. It is said that running script was created by him. At that time, Hu Zhao and Zhong Yao studied his method. The volume of "Shu Duan" written by Zhang Huaiguan of the Tang Dynasty says: "The running script was created by Liu Desheng, which is a small forgery of the original script. It is simple and popular, so it is called running script." The volume of "Shu Duan" also says: Desheng "It is famous for its ability to create walking grass. Although it is made of grass, it is still very beautiful, graceful and graceful, and is unique at that time." List Liu Desheng's running script as a masterpiece. Liu Youding noted in Volume 2 "Shu Yao Pian" of "Yanji" written by Zheng Piao of the Yuan Dynasty: "Tassel seal script was written by Liu Desheng of the Han Dynasty by observing the stars." "Shuji" written by Lu Shen of the Ming Dynasty said: "Small changes to regular script when virtue rises are called regular scripts. Walking with grass is called true walking; walking with grass is called walking with grass."