Cao Cao (Biography) "Gun Xue" Collection of Shaanxi Hanzhong Municipal Museum

 "Gun Xue" - the first of the thirteen types of cliff carvings in Baogu Valley, the calligraphy style is Han Li large characters. The stone carvings were originally located at Baogukou, an important pass at the southern end of Baoxie Plank Road. On the huge white stone in Bao water, the cliff stone carvings are generally rectangular, 148 cm wide, 67 cm high, and 35 to 46 cm in diameter.

 Cao Cao was an outstanding politician, thinker, and writer, and he also had unique achievements in calligraphy. In the Jin Dynasty, Lu Yun wrote to Lu Ji that "Cao Gong has hundreds of thousands of kilograms of graphite in his possession." It is said that Cao Cao's only calligraphy is the word "Gun Xue". According to "Three Kingdoms·Wei Shu·Wudi Ji", in the 20th year of Jian'an (215 AD), Cao Cao wrote in the 20th year of Jian'an (215 AD) and the 24th year. He came to Hanzhong twice in 219 AD. It is said that he once visited Baogu's hometown and had a panoramic view of the great rivers and mountains. Seeing the deep beach in the deep valley outside Shimen, there are many rocks with surging waves, rushing water, and silver waves making their nests, just like when the white snow rolls, it is hard to express my pride. So I wrote the two characters "Gunxue" in the official style on the stone tip in the valley to express praise for the valley mountain. The beauty of water. The elegant and handsome handwriting not only expresses Baogu's broad momentum, but also shows the grand courage and ambition of Emperor Wu of Wei.

 This stone now exists in the Hanzhong City Museum in Shaanxi Province. Later generations admired its name and engraved the two small characters "King of Wei" on the left side of the word "Gun Xue" to show the difference. The character "gun" has a dynamic feel when it is stroked and stroked, while the character "雪" has a static texture. However, many scholars believe that this calligraphy was just forged by evildoers of later generations. We can see that the strokes of the word "Gun Xue" were written in official script by a person who was accustomed to regular script. In Cao Cao's time, regular script was not It is immature and should not be like this. This shows that it is definitely not Cao Cao's handwriting.

 Cao Cao has a bold personality and extraordinary magnanimity. Not only did he have unparalleled talent and virtue, he was also good at military affairs, good at calligraphy, optimistic and enterprising, and could be described as both civil and military.