Wei Dan (179-253), courtesy name Zhongjiang, was born in Wei Jingzhao (now Xi'an, Shaanxi Province). He was good at various calligraphy styles, especially fine inscriptions. "Four Types of Calligraphy" states that "the names of Wei's treasures are all inscribed in Chinese calligraphy." The son of Tai Pu Duan, he was promoted to a servant. Fu Ying followed Zhang Boying, and also adopted the method of Handan Chun.   

  When the Lingyuntai of Emperor Ming Dynasty was first completed, he ordered General Zhong to write a list. If the rankings were different and the rankings were different, it would be appropriate to correct them. Because of the danger, he warned his descendants and did not write regular script in large characters. Yuan Ang said: "Like a dragon and a tiger taking over, swords are drawn." Zhang Maoxian said: "Wei Dan in Jingzhao, Danzi Xiong, Zhongyao in Yingchuan, and Yaozihui are all good at official script. "   

  In the early days of Qinglong, palaces in Luoyang, Xu, and Ye were built, and General Zhong was ordered to inscribe them as a permanent system. The imperial pen and ink were given to the emperor, but they were not used because of the memorial: "Cai Yong. He is very proud of his ability to write, and he also likes the method of writing. He is not a man who has nothing to do with his pen. If you want to do your job well, you must sharpen your weapon. If you use Zhang Zhi's pen, Zuo Bo's paper and Chen's ink were compared with the three tools at the same time, and he got the hand of the minister, and then he could show his strength. A thousand words can be said in a square inch, but the traces of grass are as wonderful as Suo Jing." He died in the fifth year of Jiaping at the age of seventy-five.   

  Zhongjiang Bafen, official script, Zhangcao, Feibai are wonderful, and Xiaozhuan is capable. Brother Kang, named Yuanjiang, Gongshu. Zixiong, courtesy name Shaoji, is also good at calligraphy. People at that time said: "The son of a famous father." There are two things that are most beautiful in the world.