Li Huailin was born in Luoyang (now Luoyang, Henan). His birth and death are unknown, and he was active in the seventh century AD. Zhang Yanyuan of the Tang Dynasty recorded in "The Essential Records of Dharma Books": "Li Huailin, a native of Luoyang, was a forgery in the early days of the Kingdom. His "Dajijiu" was called the King's Book, and the "Seven Sages" were faked by Xue Daoheng. Narrative, and bamboo forest narrative, and the "aggressive" nature of Mrs. Wei, Ji Kang's "Book of Severance of Friendship", and the forgeries of Huailin."

The cursive script "Ji Kang and Shan Juyuan's Letter of Breaking Diplomacy" is said to have been imitated by Li Huailin of the Tang Dynasty.


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  Kang Bai: You used to call me in Yingchuan, and I often called you Zhiyan. The year before last, when I returned to Hedong, everyone said that they wanted to replace me myself. Although things didn't work out, there were many things I could do in the vicinity (called "narrow"), and many things were unbearable. I know each other. When I heard that I was returning, I was wary and unhappy. I was afraid that I would be ashamed of being cut off by others. I led the corpse and prayed to help myself. I recommended a (missing: Luan) knife in my hand.
  When I was studying in the past, I may have heard of people who were familiar with it, but now I believe that they really have ears. If your sex is unbearable, you really can’t force it. Today, I know that there are masters who are capable of nothing. They are not different on the outside but not righteous on the inside. They follow the same flow of life and do not regret or be stingy. Lao Tzu and Zhuang Zhou were my teachers, and they were in lowly positions; (missing "Liu") Xia Hui and Dongfang Shuo were masters, and they were content with low positions. How dare I be short-changed! Moreover, Zhongni loves both, and is not ashamed to hold the whip; Ziwen has no desire to be a minister, and he has been in command three times; this is the meaning of a gentleman thinking about helping things. The so-called ability is both good and unswerving, and poverty means contentment without boredom. (Missing: With) Looking at it this way, during the reign of Yao in the Tang Dynasty, he lived on a rock and supported the Han Dynasty in his ovary. Looking up at the few kings, it can be said that they are those who can fulfill their ambitions. Therefore, a gentleman's hundreds of actions are different but consistent. It moves according to one's own nature, and each one is attached to his own place, so there is a saying that he is in the court but does not leave, and he enters the mountains and forests without going back. In addition, Zang Zang, the high-ranking scholar in Yanling, and the noble minister admire Xiangru, and the ambition entrusted to him cannot be taken away.
  Every time I read "The Biography of Shang Ziping and Tai Xiaowei", I admire him with admiration and think about him as a person. When the young man is alone, his mother and brother are arrogant, he is not involved in the study of classics, and his nature is lazy again. The muscles and muscles are slow, the indulgence has lasted for a long time, and the emotions are scattered. Simplicity and etiquette are in conflict with each other, laziness and arrogance are complementary to each other, but you should be lenient to your peers and do not attack their faults. Read "Zhuang" and "Lao" again, and add "Fang" again, so the spirit of prosperity and advancement is declining, and the feeling of letting go is strong. This is like a bird and a deer that are tame only when they are young, but they obey the teachings, but when they grow up and are restrained, they go through fire and water, even though they are decorated with golden sash, they eat delicious food, they go beyond the long forest but aim at the abundant grass. Regardless of the faults of Ruan Si Zongkou, I have failed every time I learned from him. Even if the sex is excellent, there is no harm with things, but the drinking is too bad. Even if he was roped by the people of etiquette and law, fortunately the general would keep his ears. Because I am not as good as the successor, I have a long way to go. He also doesn't understand human feelings, is blind to opportunities, is not cautious, and is tired of good things. After being connected with things for a long time, problems and provocations will arise day by day. Even if you want to be without trouble, can you get it?
  Moreover, human relations are polite and the court has laws. When you are familiar with self-examination, you will find seven things that are unbearable, and two things that are very unbearable: lying down and getting up late, but ignoring the call, the first is unbearable; holding a gun, walking and chanting, fishing in the grass and marshes, and the officers and soldiers are guarding it, and they are not allowed to move rashly, the second is unbearable. Also; sitting in danger for a while, numbness cannot be shaken, sex is full of lice, and the hands are scratched endlessly, but it is necessary to wrap up in a seal and bow to the superior, which is unbearable; it is inconvenient to write, and I don’t like to write books, and there are many things in the world, and my desk is piled up If you don't repay each other when you have the opportunity, you will violate the teaching and harm the justice. If you want to force yourself, you will not be able to last long and you will be unbearable. You don't like mourning, and human nature attaches great importance to it. You have been resented by those who have not seen forgiveness, and you have been slandered by those who want to see it. Although you are afraid of self-blame, your nature cannot be transformed, and if you want to surrender your mind and follow the customs, you will be cunning and heartless, and you will never be blameless or honorable. These five are unbearable. You don’t like common people, but you should work with them, or sit with guests, making loud noises, and perform a thousand tricks. In front of people, the six are unbearable. Your heart is impatient, and official affairs are dominated by martingale palms and intrigues. His heart is so sophisticated that he is overwhelmed by worries. Moreover, every time it is not caused by soup or force but thins Zhou and Kong, it will not stop in the human world. This will be obvious and will not be tolerated by the world's teachings. This cannot be one thing; if the stubborn intestines are diseased and evil, speaking out without hesitation, this cannot be two things. In order to promote the nature of caution and unify these nine diseases, there are no external difficulties. If there are internal diseases, would it rather be evil in the world? I also heard that the Taoist priest's last words said that the bait technique and Huangjing can make people live longer, so I really believed it. Traveling around the mountains and rivers, watching fish and birds, is a joy. As long as one of them acts as an official, the matter will be decided. How can I give up what I enjoy and follow what I fear? When a lady knows her, she understands his nature and helps him accordingly. Yu did not force Bo Cheng to make Zixia great, but only focused on his strengths; Zhongni did not pretend to overshadow Zixia and talk about his shortcomings. In the recent past, Zhuge Kongming did not force Yuan Zhi to enter Shu, and Hua Ziyu did not force Youan to serve as prime minister. This can be said to be a person who can tell the beginning and end, and know the truth. If you see a straight tree under your feet, it cannot be turned into a wheel; if it is crooked, it cannot be turned into a stick. If you don't want to use your genius, you will get it. Therefore, the four peoples have their duties, and each takes pleasure in achieving his aspirations. Only those who have achieved it can understand it. This seems to be within the limit. Don't be fond of Zhang Fu and force others to have a literary crown; you can't be addicted to stinky rot and raise phoenix chicks to kill rats. My health-preserving skills can reveal the splendor outside, let go of the taste, wander the mind in the desert (loneliness), and value myself by doing nothing. Even if there are no nine dangers, you still don't care about your own good. Divinate and judge for yourself. If the road ends and the road is exhausted, it will be lost. If there is nothing to do, the order will be turned into a ravine. My daughter is thirteen years old and my son is eight years old. Before he reached adulthood, he became sick and sick. I hope to stay in the humble cottage, educate my children and grandchildren, and talk about my life with my relatives all the time. A glass of wine, a piece of music, and your wish is over. If you don't care about it at all, you just want to be an official and win people, so that you can use your ears for the benefit of the time. From now on, I know that I am poor, rough and careless, and I am not as capable as I am today. If you are happy with the world, you can only give it up. If you take this as a pleasure, you can get the words. However, it is valuable to have great talent and breadth, and to be able to cover everything but not camp. If I am suffering from many illnesses and want to stay away from my affairs in order to preserve my remaining years, how can I see the Yellow Gate and be called chaste if I am so straight-forward? If you are interested in ascending to the throne together, if you hope to meet each other, you will benefit from it. Once you are forced to do so, you will definitely become mad. You will not be like this if you don't have a lot of resentment. Not only to relieve one step, but also to think of others.